FIFA 20: a game guide for the newcomers of the series

FIFA 20: a game guide for the newcomers of the series


FIFA 20: a game guide for the newcomers of the series


The long-running football simulator franchise from Electronic Arts is among the sports games classics together with being one of the flagship video games series of EA in general. There have been many iterations of these football video games at this point, with each of them presenting so many new features, that it might be very easy for people to get lost coming into the game, whether they have played one of the FIFA titles multiple years ago or are complete newcomers to the series.

For the mentioned reasons, we’ll provide you with a helpful guide of the latest FIFA 20 game to help you catch up to speed! Before we start, the first thing you should keep in mind as a FIFA newcomer is that by purchasing FIFA 20 on a key store like Eneba, you’ll spend a lot less of your savings. Through that, you’ll be able to use them for other in-game purchases FIFA 20 has to offer – FIFA points for example. Before discussing that, let’s take a look at the career mode.

Jul 30, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Mo Ali poses for a picture before the start of the MLS All-Star-EA Skills Challenge at The Private Bank Fire Pitch. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Starting your career

Based on the feedback from the fans EA made major upgrades to the career mode of the FIFA 20 game. Right now, players can choose between two optional career paths, with the first being a regular football player campaign. You’ll create a custom-made football player and micromanage everything about him right from his looks, to his team affiliation, skill tree and stats. Career mode is the staple mark of the franchise that unfolds an intriguing journey from a beginner’s road to the title of a champion. 

If for some reason you do not desire to face the football pitch personally, then you’ll be happy to know that the FIFA 20 game modes also include the option to become a football club manager! It’s a fully fleshed out campaign, and even though you’ll sit through and manage multiple tables, you’ll also get to participate in interactive cutscenes during press conference sequences, make deals with business partners with RPG-style dialogue wheel and your decision will also be measured by a morality meter, which will determine the performance of your team.

Trying out street football in Volta

Nobody can claim that the latest FIFA 20 game is just a reskinned copy of previous instalments after they see the Volta mode! This is probably the most unconventional FIFA experience by far – it completely drops the football simulation vibe and goes full-on arcade. Because of this, Volta is a great gateway mode that can be used by newcomers to the series as well as returning fans. After “Volta” translates as “return” from Portuguese.

Volta mode circles around the theme of street football. These games take place in smaller pitches that are a lot more varied in aesthetics, often featuring graffiti art and similar elements that give the locations a street life sense. Once again, you’ll create a custom character that can be male and females alike. FIFA 20 game also includes a fully developed single-player campaign story for Volta, that’s brought to life by team writers and voice actors.

Jul 30, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; A general view of the field at The Private Bank Fire Pitch. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Test your skills in the Ultimate Team mode

As seen before, FIFA 20 has a massive amount of content for those who want to enjoy the single-player campaign but it’s still only a fraction of everything that this game has to offer. Once you’re done with the single-player career paths, visit the Ultimate Team multiplayer mode! You’ll be able to construct your dream team made up of your favourite players. FIFA 20 game features 88 football icons to choose from, including 15 new players not featured in previous games of the series. Just like the career mode, Ultimate Team features 90 licensed football stadiums to play on. 

The multiplayer of FIFA 20 is both rewarding and extremely addictive. This is in part because of the battle pass system, that holds many great things in store, especially for the most dedicated of players.  You can also expect to see new game modes such as King of the hill, that gives the player points for dribbling the ball without leaving a specific, randomly selected location on the pitch. Mystery ball, on the other hand, is a FIFA 20 game mode where the perks attached to the ball switch every time it goes out of play.

Jul 30, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Brian McBride takes a photo with a fans before the MLS All-Star-EA Skills Challenge at The Private Bank Fire Pitch. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Gain access to the in-game content easier!

The amount of game modes, career paths, selection of players, stadiums, customization options and gameplay features on FIFA 20 is simply staggering. It introduces elements to the experience of the game that was never seen before in the series. If you seek to experience this game to the fullest, you should once again visit Eneba store and check out the great selection of FIFA points, games and deals! With this in-game currency, you’ll be able to easily acquire the desired players for your team build and enjoy the FIFA 20 game exactly the way you want to!

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