How To Watch Super Bowl Live Stream 2020 Online Free

How To Watch Super Bowl Live Stream 2020 Online Free


How To Watch Super Bowl Live Stream 2020 Online Free



Millions are waiting to watch NFL Super Bowl live stream 54 on 2nd February 2020. This article gives you a massive list of channels to watch the biggest American Football event. For Football Fans, NFL is more than just a game. In an arena where some of the best teams fight to win the NFL championship, excitement is bound to be electrifying.

As for the fans, they are going crazy over the Internet as the event is slowly coming closer. Talking about the very first match, it will take place on February 2, 2020 right in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Overall fans along with teams are looking in quite a good shape to be at the stadium on match date.  

Still, before we proceed to show live streaming channels, you must know little detailing about the Super Bowl 2020 Live Stream Online event. This is probably the 53rd event which will be held in the hearts of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The stadium resides in Atlanta, Georgia where people can get an opportunity to witness this mega event. Without a doubt, this is one of the most prestigious events in the history of NFL football.

Now, not everyone can visit the city of Atlanta and watch the Super Bowl event being in the stadium. Also, when it comes to other countries, people can’t afford to book their tickets and witness this crazy football event. Therefore, right here in this article, we will let you know different streaming options to watch the Super Bowl 2020 live online. Each option is gathered after a series of research, and you can choose any of them as per your preference.

It is just a few days and then we will be watching Chiefs and 49ers on the field. So, here are all the details of live streaming channels to watch NFL 2020 Super Bowl without any commercials and hassles.

Event Super Bowl 2020
Time 6.30 PM ET
Date 2nd February 2020
Teams Chiefs vs 49ers
Live Stream FOX


Best channels to watch Super Bowl live streaming free 2020 online

For viewing the Super Bowl 2020 event, we have got for you some fantastic list of channels. Although these channels are paid/free, you won’t find an issue to stream super bowl 2020 event from your home itself.

Fans have made a beeline to view the thrill and excitement on the filed when the finals of Super Bowl kick-off. It is just a few days and we will be cheering our hearts out for Super Bowl 2020. So, here are all the details of live streaming channels to watch NFL 2020 without any commercials and hassles.

Let’s move ahead, uncover each channel and you choose the best one suited to watch the Super Bowl 2020 event.

Fox Sports

As of now, Fox is expecting an exponential increment in their income with the Super Bowl event 2020. Their contract is said to run until the year 1992 where Fox will broadcast almost every football match. The very last season, it was NBC who aired the Super Bowl, but this time, an opportunity has been grabbed by Fox Sports.

Super bowl 2020 fox sports

Super bowl 2020 fox sports live coverage

Here, you will get a chance to view the Super Bowl 2020 match in crystal clear format. No broadcasting issue is said to occur and that you need is a net connection and Fox.

Fox Sports is the official broadcaster for Super Bowl 2020 in the USA. Super Bowl fans can stay glued to their TV to catch all the updates related to the game. Fox is already high with Super Bowl fever and has begun the preparations to provide all THE minute details of the game through its expert’s panel. Fox Sports will also live stream the Half Time show of Super Bowl 2020. The audience in the USA can also watch live game on the website of Fox. Users just have to log in to get access to the live coverage.

The channel will live stream the game including the Half Time show where Maroon 5 is expected to perform. Fox Sports will provide all the details of the match and users have to login to get exclusive access to the game.


Running for several decades, BBC has become a hub for sports and news. With the help of BBC Sports, you can easily stream every match of the Super Bowl 2020 League.

All that you need is an Internet connection and a compatible device to stream sport’s biggest event. Every match you will see is broadcasted in high quality, and no sorts of lags or interruption will occur. Altogether, with BBC, a renowned platform, you don’t have to worry for a second to stream Super Bowl 2020 event.

BBC is the new hub for all the live updates and live broadcast of all the major sports. Users just have to have an internet connection and a compatible device to live stream Super Bowl 2020.

BBC will provide a live broadcast of the match in high quality sans lags or interruptions. You can also subscribe to the notifications on the BBC app and keep abreast of the progress of the game.

Super Bowl BBC Coverage


With an intention to broadcast every single match of NFL, Foxtel helps viewers to see Super Bowl matches anytime and anywhere. You will need a separate sports package if you are eager to watch the Super Bowl matches.

For every subscriber, three live games every week will be broadcasted. This include games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday Night.  For streaming, you can make use of your Laptop, mobile phone to stream Super Bowl 2020 on Foxtel Go App. Lastly, the package cost is kept at $29 per where you will get ESPN preloaded inside the package.

NFL Gamepass

You can even make use of an NFL Game Pass to stream Super Bowl 2020 event. To be precise NFL Game Pass is an official streaming site which helps to stream this event. Also, they offer the NFL App through which you can watch every NFL Game from your preferred location.

Talking about the pricing, its weekly pass can be brought for $13.99 while the season pass can come at $99.99. Having this pass, you can get a chance to watch 256 games anytime and from any location. Lastly, you can even ask for a trial pack to first test the service and then pay for a subscription.

If you reside outside the US and want to watch Super Bowl 2020 event online, the NFL Game Pass can be a good option. using NFL Game pass, you can get absolutely free access to watch Super Bowl 2020 event. More to it, you can even use NFL Game Pass to watch on-demand videos and every highlight after the match gets over.

Fox Sports Official Portal

With the help of, you can easily stream almost every NFL game with the support of a compatible device. You can make use of a laptop, computer or even a Smartphone can do the job.

This stream will be official and genuine and will show every game of the Super Bowl event 2020. All that you need is a high-speed internet connection which can help you to stream every NFL match in a buffer-free manner.


Viewers in Switzerland and Germany can watch NFL 2020 ON SAT 1. It is available on cable, satellite, DVB 1. Users can subscribe to SAT.1 HD and view all the coverage in high definition. NFL fans can even download the app and watch the game live from anywhere.


This is a paid channel which is all prepared to live broadcast Super Bowl 2020 for the viewers in the Czech Republic. The channel is also organizing competitions for the fans of NFL where they can win exciting prizes.


PULS 4 is Austria’s fourth full program since 2008 which has exclusive broadcasting rights for live streaming NFL 2020. It is the only free TV channel In Austria which offers international club football to viewers for watching various football events.


OSN is a coveted channel in the Middle East where you can get all the exclusive sporting action of Super Bowl 2020. Viewers can subscribe to its Ultimate Sports Pack to get access to 16 channels dedicated to sports. NFL fans can even use OSN play to enjoy live NFL on the compatible devices. You can also enjoy 1000s of titles at OSN on demand.

Super sport

Super Sport will live telecast Super Bowl 2020 in selected African countries. Viewers can also download Super Sports app to enjoy streaming, video highlights, live scores, results, fixtures/schedules, tables, top scorers, rankings, latest news, real-time notifications of NFL 2020.

TF 1

The final of the NFL football championship which takes place in early February will broadcast by TF 1 group in France. Since 2010, the game broadcast on NBC in the United States was live streamed at W9, the channel TNT M6 group. This is the first time that Télévision Française 1 will broadcast the 54 final of NFL.

Italia 1

NFL fans in Italy can enjoy all the action of the game live on Italia. The channel will live broadcast the game for the viewers in Italy. You can catch all the updates on the website of Italia.

How to watch Super Bowl 54 live stream online?

Very last year, live streaming of the entire Super Bowl event was only limited to Verizon Subscribers. This time, things have changed much rapidly, and plenty of streaming services have come into the picture.

All of these services are super good and can deliver streaming of almost every game held at Super Bowl 2020. Therefore, let’s move ahead and discover every live streaming channel.

Sling TV

Talking about the first-ever streaming service will bring Sling TV into the limelight. It’s one of the cheapest options available where the pricing starts at just $25. At this pricing, you can have a privilege to watch the entire Super Bowl 2020 event from your homes and offices.

What’s more? You also get a 7-days trial through which you can test this service. Test its video quality, buffering rate, and if everything goes right, you can move ahead and buy the subscription plan.


Establishing themselves as an entirely sports streaming service, FuboTV has come a long way. Using FuboTV, you can easily watch the Super Bowl 2020 event anytime and from your preferred location.

Coming down to pricing, the first-month subscription cost is just $20. However, as and when you subscribe for the next month, the costing shoots up to $40.  Its compatible with almost every latest device and all that you need is a good speed internet connection.

YouTube TV

Apart from delivering YouTube videos, Google has taken YouTube to the next level. Using Youtube TV, you can have enough comfort to watch the Super Bowl 2020 event just by having a net connection and compatible device.

As per pricing, it costs $40 per month where you have the privilege to watch 70+ channels. Among these channels, 25 of them are sports ones which are a good sign for every sports lover. Also, with just adding $15 per month, YouTube TV gives access to Fox Soccer which is an amazing thing.

PlayStation Vue

Just like any other streaming service, PlayStation Vue has taken a similar type of approach. Their plans are on the expensive side but deliver exceptional quality for every single match. You can effortlessly watch Super Bowl 2020 event using PlayStation Vue.

The first plan of PlayStation Vue costs $45 per month which gives access to 45 channels. Out of 45 channels, 13 of them carry sports, and out of them, only five channels are sport’s ones. Also, if you can pay $50, you can get a chance to avail the Core plan. It comes with 60 channels where the sports channel number increases to 11.


Just like YouTube, Hulu jumped into the business of online streaming. Since then, the company has made its reputation and is delivering some good quality streaming to its customers.

Talking about pricing, at $40, you get a chance to see around 50 to 70 channels. Out of those, only 14 channels are sports ones which are fairly a good number. Lastly, you should have a fast speed Internet connection and a compatible device to watch Super Bowl 2020 on Hulu.

Free-Over-the-Air TV

Due to the high demands of Super Bowl 2020 event, you can catch complete match coverage using Free-Over-the-Air TV. If you are the one who doesn’t have a cable connection, free-over-the-Air TV is a perfect option.

Using this method, you can stream the entire event of Super Bowl 2020 event in good quality. Lastly, you will need to make sure that you don’t fall under the geo-restricted area.

NFL Super Bowl Live Social Media Platforms

Day by day, social media is becoming a major platform for broadcasting live events and no sort of surprise goes on for Super Bowl 2020 event. As of now, you can use YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter to stream almost every match of Super Bowl 2020 event. Let’s move ahead and get a brief about every social media platform to stream the mega Super Bowl event of 2020.


Speaking about one of the most trustworthy sites will bring Reddit into the limelight. Here, you can search for subreddits and find if any of them is showing the live stream.

Also, if you will search a little better, you can enjoy watching NFL Finals and other viral games of NFL Super Bowl.


One of the best online streaming sources, YouTube has to be number one. If you search on YouTube, you will find plenty of channels which can help you to stream the entire event of Super Bowl 2020.

All you need to do is to research a bit on online channels, set search filters and watch Super Bowl 2020 event without any extra cost.


Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms which can help you to watch Super Bowl 2020 event. You need to find the official page of NFL, find live coverage of matches and get every latest update about NFL matches.


Twitter is one of the best sources to stream Super Bowl event from anywhere. All that you need is a Twitter account and a good speed internet connection.

On Twitter, you can search for the official NFL page and cover all the major highlights of this event. What’s more? You can even watch every match in high-definition quality.

Watch Super Bowl Bowl LIV Online Through VPN

If you live in an area where there is extreme censorship scenario, you can make use of VPNs to stream Super Bowl 2020 event. All you need is to buy a VPN subscription plan, choose United States Server and that’s it. You will be connected to that server and can effortlessly stream Super Bowl 2020 event online. Given below are some of the best VPN Service Providers who can help you to watch Super Bowl 2020 Live event.


PureVPN is the best VPN for Super Bowl streaming with the largest network of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. With Easy-to-use apps and complete guidelines, PureVPN makes it simple for sports fans to use VPN for online streaming.

PureVPN has best price plans with 70% OFF making it $3.33/m very convenient option for NFL fans to watch Football all year around.

Express VPN

Readily available for every platform including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, Express VPN is our first choice to stream Super Bowl 2020 event.

The pricing starts from $.6.67 per month where you can choose your wishful server and stream the 53rd Super Bowl event.


Speaking about one of the most famous names in the VPN industry will bring NordVPN into the limelight. This company has got a high reputation and can deliver complete coverage of Super Bowl 2020.

Their plan starts from $11.95 per month which comes with complete reliability support. During the streaming of the Super Bowl, no connection will be lost at any point in time.


Even if you don’t have a cable or having an issue of Internet Censorship, choosing SaferVPN is a good option. Here, you need to download and install SaferVPN.

At just $4.99 per month, you can get complete access to the Super Bowl event. All you need is to connect with a USA server, turn on the VPN and watch Super Bowl event with ease and comfort.

Private VPN

Last but not the least Private VPN can be a cost-effective and good option to stream the Super Bowl 2020 live stream. Using this VPN, you can unlock every geo-restricted area, remain anonymous and watch every NFL match without an issue.

Having pricing of just $7.62 per month, you don’t need to do much. Just buy the subscription plan, connect to the USA server and efficiently stream Super Bowl Event, anytime and anywhere.

Watch Super Bowl 54 from Different Countries

It is just a few days and then we will be watching Rams and Patriots on the field. So, here are all the details of live streaming channels to watch NFL 2020 without any commercials and hassles from any Countries.

United States

Sling TV

Sling TV is the cheapest option to watch Super Bowl 2020 for the US subscribers. Users will get access to playoffs and the Super Bowl for just $ 25.  Since most of the participating teams’ markets will not be available, you won’t be able to watch the full NFL season on it.

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is the official streaming website and app of NFL where NFL fans can watch football matches of the league. The weekly pass for NFL is available at $13.99, season plus pass with all the 256 games and their playoffs are available for $99.99.



BBC will live stream the entire coverage of Super Bowl 2020 for the audience in UK.  BBC has been a quality platform for streaming of major five sports: football, cricket, Formula 1, rugby union and rugby league.  Users can install the BBC app to notifications of all the line-ups, kick-offs, and half-time scores, goals, results etc. NFL fans in UK can explore the Live Guide of BBC and check out all details of Super Bowl 2020 events.

Star Sports

Star Sports is a leading sports channel providing live streaming of all the major sports including NFL 2020. Viewers can subscribe to 10 channels and two premium viewing experiences under Star Select category. NFL fans CAN watch Super Bowl 2020 and explore the news, features, videos, fixtures, photos, teams, players, and results etc of the game.

Sky Sports

Viewers of NFL 2020 can subscribe to Sky Sports and watch the match live on TV or Tablet via the SkyGo app. Users can also watch Sky TV live or On Demand on SkyGo app which is compatible with laptop, mobile or tablet. The app has more than 73 live channels including Sky Sports channels such as Sky Sports F1 and Eurosport.



Want to watch NFL in HD quality? Stay tuned to DAZN for the live coverage of Super Bowl 2020 as the channel offers all the action of NFL game in Canada both live and on demand. DAZN provides video-on-demand service to give access to video highlights of selected events for up to 30 days.

Users can subscribe to DAZN usING their one-month free trial to enjoy amazing sports events. Post-free trial users will have to pay $20 CAD per month or $150 CAD per year to get access to an extensive lineup of Soccer events such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, NBA, NFL, NHL etc.


Super Bowl fans in Canada can watch the game live on CTV which is Canada’s top-class private broadcaster. CTV provides coverage of a range of quality news, sports, information, and entertainment programming. Those who don’t want to watch the game on TV can use CTV app which provides live streaming of CTV and CTV Two’s television feed. Viewers in Canada will be able to enjoy the Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show on CTV.


Want to watch Super Bowl live for free? Tune into TSN and get exclusive coverage of Super Bowl and enjoy hassle-free live streaming. The channel live streams a majority of sports including Hockey, FIFA World Cup, Horse Racing, Invictus Games etc. Catch live updates including news, videos, stats, scores, injuries, schedule, standings, teams, players, transaction, and every major move of Super Bowl 2020 on TSN.


Kayo Sports

Super Bowl fans in Australia can watch the game on Kayo Sports., but the channel provides the coverage of the limited selection of NFL games every week. Viewers can also watch the game on their Tablet using the Kayo app which will live stream the Super Bowl 2020 event. Users can choose to subscribe to the two plans: $23 or $35. Kayo Sports also offers a 14-day free trial to the subscribers.


Foxtel will broadcast Super Bowl event 2020 with the help of ESPN for the football fans of Australia. Fans have to subscribe to a package for watching live NFL. The Sports Package is available at $29 per month which comes with ESPN pre-loaded.

Foxtel offers three live games every week on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night. Users can also live stream the game on their tablet or smartphone using the Foxtel Go app.

How to watch NFL Super Bowl LIV online on Mobiles

In a world of smart technologies, I guess everyone might have a mobile phone. Besides just using your phone for basic calls, you can even use it to stream the entire Super Bowl event 2020 live. Just connect your Smartphone with the Internet and then opt for any streaming service. Either paid or free, all depends on your personal preferences.

Even if you are working remotely, still you can use your Smartphone to access the Internet and watch every single game of NFL league. All depends on your subscription plan and the channel through which you want to watch NFL game. , you can download particular streaming apps, pay for their costs and stream your lovable Super Bowl Event 2020, without an issue.

Chiefs vs 49ers – Super Bowl 2020

A dream Super bowl is around the corner. Just a few days left for the biggest NFL event between Chiefs and 49ers. This will be the most expensive Super bowl ever as the Tickets are selling in fast and huge prices across the ticket portals. The exclusive coverage of the match starts at 6.30 PM Et on Fox officially.

Chiefs vs 49ers Live Updates

Halftime Show

The performance for the halftime show for Super Bowl 2020 is touted to be the popular American rock band-Maroon 5. Media has been circulating and reporting that Maroon 5 is in talks with the NFL committee and all speculations have been put to rest as the pop-rock band is the confirmed performer for the 2020 Super Bowl. Fox will provide the complete entertainment of half time show in HD quality. Here is the list of the channels where you can watch the entire halftime show.

  • Fox Sports (United States)
  • BBC iPlayer (United Kingdom)
  • CTV (Canada)
  • Channel 7 (Australia)
  • NFL Game Pass (All Over The World)

Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show Live Preview

Hard Rock Stadium will be the venue for Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will headline the show on 2nd February 2020. The live stream coverage will be on Fox Sports.

Super Bowl LIV halftime show live

Schedule & Venue For Super Bowl LIV

Just like last year, the Super Bowl LIV will also be played on the first Sunday of February, which to be precise is 3rd of February 2020, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. It will be the third time the Super Bowl being hosted in Georgia, but it will be a first-time for the all-new built, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Previously, it was hosted at Atlanta’s prolific home ground, The Georgia Dome, first, the Super Bowl XXVIII in 1994, and the second, 21st Century’s first Super Bowl, the Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000.

The new stadium was built with a view of making Atlanta a city capable of having its own Major League Soccer Team and eventually as the stadium opened in 2017, they did manage to get their own team, the Atlanta United FC, owned by Atlanta Falcons’ owner, Arthur Blank. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has witnessed a maximum attendance of 74,141 since its inception.

For the Super Bowl though, the capacity is expected to be raised to 83,000+ with hospitality seats too included in it. The Mercedes-Benz is one of NFL’s only five stadiums to have a retractable roof and is by far one of the most upgraded stadiums in entire America.

As for the selection process is concerned, it won the committee’s vote on May 24, 2016, after competing with the other three finalists, Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

Due to its on-time completion, it became the top choice for 2020 ahead of the rest three who did manage to get the hosting rights for the following Super Bowls. The official logo was released in February 2018 at the conclusion of Super Bowl 52 and the color pattern for the entire event was decided to be red and blue.

Super Bowl LIV National Anthem

So, it’s officially confirmed that Demi Lovato will sing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl 54 event. Demetria Devonne Lovato is an American Singer, Song Writer, and Television Personality having Millions of followers in Social media. The live broadcast will be shown World wide through Fox.

Super Bowl 2020 National Anthem Singer Confirmed

Road to Super Bowl 2020 (NFL Playoffs)

Just a few matches left to decide the teams for NFL Super Bowl 2020. The playoffs start from 4th January 2020. We have the Wild Card weekend today. Let’s check out the schedule below.

  • Bills will face Texans starting at 4.35 PM ET. ESPN, ABC, and WatchESPN will have official coverage.
  • Titans vs Patriots match at 8:15 PM ET. Watch the live coverage on CBS All Access.
  • Vikings will face Saints on 5th January 2020 at 1:05 PM ET.
  • Seahawks vs Eagles match at 4:40 PM ET. NBC will have the official live coverage.

NFL Conference Championship 2020

It’ the final four teams competing to enter the Super Bowl 2020. We have Chiefs facing Titans in the AFC Championship followed by Packers at 49ers game in NFC Championship. Let’s check out the schedule below.

Titans at Chiefs (AFC Championship)

Date: Sunday, 19th January 2019
Time: 3:05 p.m. ET
Venue: Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City
Live Stream Stream:, CBS Sports App and CBS All Access

Packers at 49ers (NFC Championship)

Date: Sunday, 19th January 2019
Time: 6:40 p.m. ET
Venue: Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
TV: Fox
Stream: fuboTV (Try for free)

Super Bowl 2020 FAQ

Here are some important questions to be answered for the 2020 Miami Super Bowl.

When is Super Bowl LIV?

Super Bowl 2020 event will be on 2nd February 2020 (Sunday).

Where is Super Bowl 2020 is going to happen?

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida will host the big event.

How To Watch Super Bowl 2020 from the United States?

Fox Sports will have the official online coverage of Super Bowl 54.

Who all are performing in Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show?

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will headline the 54th edition of Super Bowl 2020.

Who Will Sing the National Anthem in Super Bowl?

Demi Lovato is confirmed for the 2020 Super Bowl National Anthem.

Super Bowl 2020 Predictions

So, Who will win Super Bowl 2020? Vote your favorite team below.

Super Bowl 2020 Teams

The teams are set for the 54th edition of the Super Bowl. Chiefs will face 49ers in the final game. Chiefs reached the Super Bowl beating Titans in the AFC Championship and 49ers made it easy (37-20) against Packers to reach the biggest Super Bowl Event.

Chiefs in Super Bowl 2020


Super Bowl is one of the most thrilling football events that are popular all over the world especially in the US.  It is the most coveted championship and most sought-after title in the US. Millions of people around the world will fasten themselves in front of the TV to watch NFL season 2020.

The world will see the New England Patriots and the LA Rams in a face-off in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, February 3. Preparations have already begun at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which will be packed by spectators and exploded by the hooting and cheering of the fans.

The Super Bowl 2020 event is not much far away. Every single fan all over the world is waiting for this massive NFL championship. The same goes for players too as they will try their best for taking their team through the finals.

Therefore, go ahead, choose any from the above-given options and stream Super Bowl 2020 championship in a complete cord-cutter way.

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