How CBD Affects Workout and Workout Results

How CBD Affects Workout and Workout Results

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How CBD Affects Workout and Workout Results


CBD’s demand is rapidly growing with time. It is said to have many health benefits including relief from different pain, migraine, anxiety and even insomnia. A study reveals CBD reduces blood pressure, so we can say it helps patients with blood pressure issues. The list might go on and on but the point is people are saying it is effective. Many athletes, workout enthusiasts, and martial arts participants are using CBD in order to improve their recovery and performance. But is that a good thing and how CBD affects workouts? Good news for you all guys wearing workout shirts and bottoms, now you can recover faster and perform better.

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol also is known as CBD, is the second-most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Seizure-suppressant, anti-inflammatory and anxiety are what this is famous for in the medical field. It is said to be a safe alternative to powerful pain narcotics, and to over-the-counter pain relievers. But to be more effective than these medicines you would need a much higher dose than recommended.

CBD infused oils and solutions, creams and lotions, capsules, edibles and vapes are the forms of CBD products available. However, among athletes and workout enthusiasts vapes are not commonly used. The solution or liquid goes under the tongue (for faster results), cream or lotion is applied at join while edibles and capsules are eaten.

Benefits and Dangers of CBD workout


There is still a void in the research on how it can improve recovery or results it is not yet possible to pinpoint its effectiveness. Many studies and results either yield such results that it could either be a little fluctuation or either the placebo effect. So, as of now, we are just relying on the anecdotal evidence of CBD’s impact on workout results. But we see many people that are ready to vouch for it and many athletes show improved results so we have a reason to believe.

Feb 20, 2019; Peoria, AZ, USA; General view of the San Diego Padres spring training facility at the Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Why can’t it relieve muscle soreness if it helps ease the pain? Even with the use of CBD muscle recovery time is still limited. To make it a little easy for you this is how it works. CBD’s ability to decrease pain and inflammation helps in recovery.


Many athletes find CBD useful but there are some who refrain from using it. The sole reason that chemicals in CBD that reduce pain help some elements cross our blood-brain barrier. The passage of those foreign substances is generally not recommended across the blood and brain. That is the very reason for the low dosage and limited usage of CBD and such chemicals.

If CBD is derived from marijuana instead of not hemp it might have different results plus, it would be illegal. There is no way to find how it was derived and what amount of CBD the product contains, other than fancy lab experiments. On top of that, it could contain many harmful chemicals and substances, you could have a reaction to it, and the thing is still illegal in many countries. Mostly over the counter and low reputed CBD products are contaminated with pesticides, opioids, and other chemicals you don’t even want to know. Using those could have adverse effects on you and it would take you the opposite way which definitely would not yield fast recovery and optimized performance. CBD products also have trace amounts of THC, which has safety issues.

Thus, many doctors do not recommend the use of CBD products while some recommend minor use.

Read this before giving CBD a shot

If you are persistent on it, consult your doctor before giving it a shot. I am one of those guys that would not recommend the usage and it is not the way to improve. Immediately go see your doctor and get proper medical care if it shoes side effects. Don’t wait for the symptoms to become clear and consume you. Always buy a trusted reputable brand. The industry is still not well-regulated, just keep that in mind.

Bottom line

Do a trial or test before the usage to see if you have any reactions. Don’t make this a permanent solution to your problems. No one knows what effects of long-term CBD usage might have on you. There is no perfect and no-side effect CBD yet. Women, if you want to look better in those gym shirts and hot pants things like optimizing your diet, water intake, sleep (quality and quantity), and reduction in stress would give you better results without any side effects. This is a recommended and better way, at least in my point of view.

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