Kobe Bryant Career Trivia Quiz

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Career Trivia Quiz


Kobe Bryant Career Trivia Quiz


24 questions in honor of a legend.



  1. Kobe won 5 championships
  2. Kobe won MVP in 2007/08
  3. Kobe was drafted by the Charlotte Hornets
  4. Kobe was an 18-time All-Star
  5. Kobe scored 33,643 career points
  6. Kobe played the Minnesota Timberwolves in his NBA debut
  7. Kobe scored 24 points against the Golden State Warriors his rookie year
  8. Kobe scored 50 points against the Phoenix Suns in 2006
  9. Kobe’s career high in assists in a single game was 17
  10. Kobe Bryant had a career record of 43-39 against Tim Duncan
  11. Kobe Bryant scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz on “Farewell Mamba” night
  12. Kobe ranks 4th in All-Time scoring
  13. Black Mamba
  14. Kobe Bryant shared the floor with 132 different teammates in a Lakers uniform
  15. Kobe won All-Star Game MVP honors 4 times
  16. Kobe Bryant had 16 games straight with 30 or more points in 2003
  17. Kobe recorded 9 straight games with 40 or more points in 2003
  18. Kobe went 5 straight games without recording an assist in 1997
  19. Kobe recorded 21 triple-doubles in his NBA career
  20. Kobe made 12 three-pointers against the Sonics in 2003
  21. Kobe averaged 27.3 points per game against the Portland Trail Blazers
  22. It is estimated that Kobe Bryant earned over $323 million in his Lakers career
  23. Kobe and LeBron never matched up in the NBA Finals
  24. Kobe Bryant recorded 5 NBA Titles. Shaq recorded 4.

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