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Basketball Spin on Super Bowl Prop Bets

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Got this in the ol’ inbox:


The bookmakers have given a few of this weekend’s NBA and college basketball games some super spice.


Cross-sport prop bets for the Super Bowl have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and has rolled out eight that feature NBA and NCAA basketball games that will take place either Saturday or Sunday.


Some of the props have spreads while a couple are close enough to be considered a tossup. The statistical bet is settled by which total outcome will be higher, plus or minus the spread where applicable.


Which will be higher:


Ben Simmons points+rebounds+assists vs. Celtics (-120)

Tyreek Hill longest reception (-120)


LeBron James + Anthony Davis points vs. Kings -3.5 (-120)

Deebo Samuel receiving yards +3.5 (-120)


Damian Lillard points vs. Jazz -2.5 (-110)

Chiefs total points +2.5 (-110)


James Harden point total vs. Pelicans -7.5 (-140)

Super Bowl first half total points +7.5 (+100)


Russell Westbrook points+rebounds+assists vs. Pelicans (-160)

Patrick Mahomes pass attempts (+120)


Zion Williamson points+rebounds vs. Rockets -8.5 (-140)

Jimmy Garoppolo pass completions +8.5 (+100)


Illinois-Iowa total points -5.5 (-120)

Damien Williams + Raheem Mostert rushing yards -5.5 (-120)


Georgetown-St. John’s total points -10.5 (-120)

George Kittle + Travis Kelce receiving yards +10.5 (-120)


Current odds here:


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Jeff Fox is a veteran sportswriter with over a decade experience, mainly concentrating on mixed martial arts and basketball. He is the editor-in-chief of The MMA Manifesto.

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