Hey Hey Hey ... It's MAAAAAAAATT Adams!

Hey Hey Hey ... It's MAAAAAAAATT Adams!


Hey Hey Hey ... It's MAAAAAAAATT Adams!


The Mets made a curious “Friday news dump” depth signing, as they have added first baseman Matt Adams on a minor league deal.

When my friend professed his irrational hate for Adams during a 2017 trip to Atlanta, it would be inevitable that he would join the Mets at some point. (Metstradamus)

At first glance, the addition of the lumbering lefty would portend a Dominic Smith trade. But with the extra roster spot this season and a 13 pitcher cap, there’s more incentive to hold on to Dom Smith than ever with the DH a strong possibility to come to the N.L. in 2021. So they can stash Smith on the roster much like they did at the beginning of last season as a lefty bat and part time OF/1B. After that, they can give Pete Alonso some rest at DH and give Smith plenty of time at first.

As for Adams, he’ll look good in a Syracuse uniform until Alonso gets exposed to the Coronavirus when the Mets medical staff runs out of funding for surgical masks.

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