How to Be Better At Volleyball

How to Be Better At Volleyball


How to Be Better At Volleyball


You do not have to be Kerry Walsh Jennings to be a good volleyball player. Volleyball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill sets. Whether you are playing at a professional level or even facing off against friends and strangers, this sport can be enjoyed in many different ways. It can be played for pure enjoyment or for competitive purposes. Either way, volleyball is a fun way of meeting new people, burning extra calories and soaking up the sun.

Aug 17, 2019; Manhattan Beach, CA, USA; Kelly Reeves returns a shot during a match against April Ross and Alix Klineman during the AVP Manhattan Beach Open at Manhattan Beach Pier. Ross and Klineman won 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Want to be better at volleyball? Here are the best-kept tips and tricks:


  • Wear quality volleyball shoes


In order to play this sport effectively, it is important to have access to the right gear and equipment. This includes wearing quality volleyball shoes. Good shoes will make you both flexible and comfortable on the court. When you can move easily and swiftly, then you will be able to serve the ball in the same way. Remember, this is a sport that requires you to move quickly and shuffling your feet is part of the course. If you do not wear cozy shoes then you may trip and fall. Also, you will not move effectively around the court.


  • Practice overhand serving


Granted, the most successful volleyball players have perfected the jump serve. Even so, a simple overhand serve is equally effective. This is done by standing behind the serving line, tossing the ball over your head and hitting as hard as you can using your flat palm. In this case, your goal is to hit the ball over the net. To master this technique, ensure that you experiment your serving using a lot of force and soon enough your muscles will get used to it.

Aug 17, 2019; Manhattan Beach, CA, USA; April Ross has the ball reflected in her sunglasses as she returns a shot in a match against Terese Cannon and Kelly Reeves during the AVP Manhattan Beach Open at Manhattan Beach Pier. Ross and Alex Klineman won 2-1 to advance to the semi-finals. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


  • Pass and bump accurately


Passing the ball fast and accurately to your other teammates will determine whether your team will win or lose the game. Usually, the best passers move the ball from one place to another and throw it high enough for another player to catch. To do this, hold your arms straight in front of you. When bumping, the ball should hit the inner part of your forearm.  When you continuously practice passing and bumping the ball, you will nail it in due time.


  • Set effectively      


Setting simply requires you to make contact with the ball and set it up for another player. By raising your hand over your head, pulling your fingertips together and ensuring there is enough space for the volleyball, you will be able to serve effectively. Never touch the ball with your palms as this will lead to an unsuccessful serve. Instead, touch the ball using your fingertips and spring it in the air.


  • Hit powerfully


Often referred to as ‘the kill’ in the court, a powerful hit is what separates good volleyball players from those who are amateur. If your wrist-snapping action is down pat, then it should always gain your team an extra point. The secret is to ensure that your hit is the third touch on the ball. This means that you get the first and second touches on the ball to prepare for a powerful hit. The best way to practice your hits is by letting a teammate set the ball back and repeating the process in opposite rotation using the volleyball net. A little practice will go a long way in the court.

Aug 17, 2019; Manhattan Beach, CA, USA; Phil Dalhausser
(Left) and Nick Lucena can not return a spike during a match against Chaim Schalk and Jeremy Casebeer in the AVP Manhattan Beach Open at Manhattan Beach Pier. Palhausser and Lucena went on to win 2-0 to advance to the semi-finals. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports


  • Block away       


Coordinating your blocks on the volleyball court will not only improve your standing but also keep the opposing team’s goals at bay. Reacting and leaping quickly may sound like a simple skill but it is one that requires a lot of practice. To better your blocking skills, use three teammates and a net. Let your teammates shoot simultaneously while you attempt to jump as high as possible and block the ball. By jumping and leaping effectively, you will be able to stop the ball in its tracks.

As aforementioned, being a good player is much more than wearing quality volleyball shoes and getting a good grip on the ball. A little tact here and there will enable you to conquer the court. Most importantly, remember to hustle and go after the ball every single time, even when you do not think you will get it. Play every game like it is your last one and hit the ball every time like it is your last hit and, soon enough, your entire team will be scoring more points than you will care to count. Remember, when you are unsure about anything, your teammates and your coach will always come to your rescue. 

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