The first 6 hours of a trade deadline live blog.

The first 6 hours of a trade deadline live blog.

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The first 6 hours of a trade deadline live blog.


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[8:00AM] Well, here we are, deadline day. It’s 8AM, and I thought we would get an early start. There are always a ton of moves, and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to touch on all of them!

[8:30AM] No moves yet, but there are a lot of rumblings about Chris Kreider. James Mirtle says the Leafs are one of the teams interested.

[9:00AM] Another big name that could be on the move today is Ilya Kovalchuk. What a wild saga he’s had, and he’s only gotten better since going to the Habs!

[9:47AM] No new news yet, teams seem to be pretty tight lipped. Could deals be getting finalized?

[10:15AM] TSN is speculating that this might be one of the slowest deadline days ever.

[10:34AM] WE HAVE A TRADE. The Avs have swapped Nikita Zadorov to the Ducks for a couple of draft picks. Interesting, I would have thought that the Avs would be buyers. Will this be a prelude to more moves from Colorado?

[11:00AM] 4 more hours until the deadline!

[12:00PM] 3 more hours until the deadline!

[12:35PM] NHL network is just showing a loop of Chris Kreider, Ilya Kovalchuk and Nikita Zadarov. I’m starting to think these are the three best players in the league.

[12:49PM] I’m going to go get lunch, hopefully that gets things moving.

[1:23PM] Nope.

[2:00PM[] 1 more hour to go, and I can’t believe I wasted my day on this dud of a deadline.


[4:00pm] Holy CRAP were those last two hours crazy! 28 trades, but as far as I’ve heard, Chris Kreider didn’t go anywhere.

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