Dream Another Dream ... This Dream is Almost Over

Dream Another Dream ... This Dream is Almost Over


Dream Another Dream ... This Dream is Almost Over


Forget your visions of Nolan Arenado or Kris Bryant coming to the Mets in 2020 … or Mookie Betts signing up to play in Flushing in 2021. And give up that silly little notion of Jeff Wilpon having to make a living selling Amway door-to-door to help make up for the money his father claims they lost on the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Did anyone really believe that the Wilpons willfully leaving the Mets behind after a sale was going to happen? Really???

Translation: “Don’t call it a comeback, we’ll be here for years … suckers.”

THAT is why you never get excited until the ink is dry on the contract. If you were one of those people, then I feel bad for you. But if this is your first time figuring this out, then you haven’t been a Mets fan very long. I feel bad for you, because you are now just realizing how disillusioned you really are. And if you don’t feel that way now, then either you’ve become numb like me, or I really feel bad for you.

Hopes the Mets call back. Yeah, let me answer that for ya, Stevie …

There are two things we can hope for at this point. The first is that the bit we heard about Saul Katz backing away because his son thinks Jeffy is a putz is still true, which would mean that eventually the Wilpons will have to sell because they’re going to be drowning in debt without Saul’s cash.

The second thing we can hope for is that Steve Cohen spills the beans about what exactly America’s favorite family changed at the last minute to piss Cohen off. Remember, Freddie and Jeffy used the same exact strategy to chase off David Einhorn back in 2011, so this is obviously a pattern and not just Cohen not being able to handle negotiations. I want to know what the change was. I want to know how untenable the Wilpons made it so that Cohen would have no choice but to peace out the negotiations.

It would be the height of petty, and it would cost Stevie some money because of the “mutual non-disclosure agreement”, I’m sure. But unless Jeffy set the penalty at eleventy kazillion dollars (would it surprise you if he thought that was an actual number?) then chances are that Cohen can afford it. Screw it … he’s got money left over after not buying the Mets, right? I say shove it down their throats and spill the beans. Shame this family once and for all and hopefully it’ll cause them to eventually slither away in another transaction, even if it definitely wouldn’t be this one. I’m sure somebody will start a go fund me to defray the costs of breaking the confidentiality obligation.

Until then, boys and girls, it’s time to give up yet another dream.

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