Why Are UTVs Called Side-By-Side?

Why Are UTVs Called Side-By-Side?


Why Are UTVs Called Side-By-Side?


Outdoor enthusiasts are on the lookout for extreme and challenging activities. For them, the more adrenaline the activity creates, the better. These individuals are willing to spend time and money to try out any blood-pumping activity and eventually have fun doing it.

If you share the same sentiment, riding UTVs or side-by-sides should be part of your bucket list. 

Traditionally, Utility Task Vehicles were used by farmers to accomplish several tasks in the field, such as plowing and hauling supplies around the farm. Although very beneficial in farms, UTVs are now used for off-roading for recreational activities and competitions.

A lot of people know UTVs as utility terrain vehicles, but there are also some who would call these vehicles as side-by-sides—and they’re not wrong. The terms UTV and side-by-side actually means the same vehicle. UTVs are popularly known as side-by-sides because the seats are placed beside each other. Depending on the model of the UTV, you can have two, four, or six seats inside the vehicle.

UTV 101: Its Types Explained

UTVs are more powerful and bigger vehicles compared to your average sedans and pickups. This vehicle can easily pass through any muddy, rocky, and steep terrains without compromising the comfort and safety of its passengers. But aside from its power, are you aware that UTVs also come in different types? Depending on how you’re going to use the vehicle, you can now buy UTVs solely for recreational activities, races, or both.

If the idea of owning and driving UTVs excite you, it’s essential that you know its types. Aside from checking UTV-focused websites that have the Best UTV tires, having this knowledge will make it easier for you to narrow your options and buy one that perfectly fits your needs.

Generally, UTVs are divided into the following types:

  1. Youth UTVs or UTVs for kids

For parents or guardians, the safety of their kids is always a priority. Regardless of the activity, parents and guardians would always want to keep an eye on their kids. Fortunately, you can buy youth UTVs or UTVs specially designed for kids today. Although these vehicles look like the actual UTVs that adults drive, youth UTVs are actually smaller and run slower.

Youth UTVs have smaller engines (about 50 to 110 cc, only while UTVs for adults are at 800 cc) and don’t come with any suspensions or racing gears at all. Youth UTVs are meant to be ridden for recreational purposes only.

  1. Sport UTVs

As mentioned, several UTV races are regularly held in different parts of the globe. While some of these races only cover short distances, others can last throughout the entire day.

If you see yourself spending a lot of time participating in these races, invest in a sport UTV. This engine of this vehicle is built to withstand even the toughest races and comes with several safety features to help the driver avoid any injuries.

Sport UTVs are lightweight and have built-in suspensions that work as shock absorbers. The suspension system of sport UTVs allows the vehicle to bounce in rough terrains and protect the driver from receiving too much friction or pressure.

Additionally, sports UTVs also have built-in roll-over protection features to protect the driver once the vehicle tumbles over. This vehicle also comes with a built-in automotive-style braking system and adjustable seatbelts.

  1. Traditional UTVs

Although UTVs have been modified through the years, you can still buy models that serve their original purpose. UTVs used for work are more powerful than sports UTVs and come with accessories built for a specific task.

For example, if you’re planning to buy a UTV to be used in farms, you can attach a hook-like accessory into the vehicle and attach a mover or a plow into the accessory. Using these accessories in your UTV allows you to till your land when preparing for the planting season or move overgrown grass in spacious grass.

Aside from farming, there are also UTVs meant for hunting. These vehicles come with large engines—usually more than 1000cc—and have built-in shock absorbers. These features allow the vehicle to pass through rocks and navigate the wilderness with ease.


Apr 23, 2018; Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California: NORRA Stock Turbo UTV driver Billy Long races through a mud pit in Frog Canyon during day two of the Mexican 1000. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

UTV 101: Locations To Drive The Vehicle

Unlike sedans and other SUVs, only a few states in the world allow UTVs on major roads and highways. For states that allow this vehicle to be on the streets, drivers are required to install headlamps, rear lamps, turn signals, and side mirrors to their UTVs. These safety features can help drivers properly navigate through the road and ensure the safety of other motorists.

If you currently live in a state where UTVs aren’t legally allowed on the streets, don’t worry. You can still enjoy being behind the steering wheel of this vehicle without having any legal repercussions.

Aside from the major roads and highways, you can ride your UTVs in the following locations:

  1. Farms And Other Agricultural Areas

UTVs were originally used in farms and other agricultural areas to help workers with their load. Because of its versatility, UTVs are great for plowing the land, moving the grass and hauling farm produce to different stores. You can even use UTVs to move logs of wood from the farm to residential areas.

UTVs are powerful vehicles, which means you can easily carry any type of load into it and still experience comfort as you’re driving it. This vehicle can be a cost-effective investment for people who are still new in the agricultural sector.

  1. Wilderness And Outdoors

Because of its size and engine, you can also use UTVs in the wilderness and the great outdoors. You can basically carry all of your camping gear inside the vehicle and traverse any surface to find the perfect camping site.

The size and built-in features of a UTV also allow you to hunt in the great outdoors without compromising your safety. The vehicle’s roll cage, for example, can keep you safe from different predators. With this feature, you can hunt down any animal without worrying about your safety while being outdoors!

  1. Dunes And Beaches

Beaches are great places to have fun and engage in physical activities. You can play different types of sports when you’re on the beach and make new friends. But if you want your next trip to the beach to become more memorable and exciting, bring your UTV. With the right tires and accessories, UTVs can also be driven in sand dunes.

You can take your experience up a notch by participating in desert races as well. Usually, UTV owners go out during the summer months to have fun and race in deserts. This activity is perfect for adrenaline junkies who want to try out extreme and out-of-this-world activities!

Apr 26, 2018; Los Naranjos, Baja California Sur, Mexico; NORRA Turbo UTV driver John Zambie drifts a corner during stage 2 of day 5 of the Mexican 1000. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When using your UTV in dunes and beaches, make sure that you’re not driving alone. It’d be very challenging to call for help if your UTV broke down in the middle of nowhere or when you’re stuck in the dunes. This is especially important if you’re planning to practice in deserts before joining any races.

  1. Specialized Military Work

The size and power of UTVs are perfect for specialized military work. Its powerful engine allows the military to reach any location fast, and its size is sufficient for the military to carry around weapons and other accessories necessary for their mission.

Usually, UTVs used for specialized military work don’t come with a roll-over cage to increase the mobility and access of the military during attacks. It’ll be easier for them to get in and out of the vehicle if there is no roll-over cage in the way.

UTV 101: 3 Benefits Of Owning One

On average, you have to spend $3,695 to buy a UTV. The more advanced the features are, the more expensive a UTV can get. This still doesn’t include the maintenance costs of the vehicle and the expenses you’ll have to pay once you decide to have it customized.

Buying a UTV is an expensive investment, but owning this vehicle is actually cost-effective because when you have one, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Versatility

One of the most obvious benefits you can enjoy from a UTV is its versatility. Sure, this vehicle might require you to pay thousands of dollars or apply for a loan, but because you can use this vehicle almost anywhere, buying one will be worth it.

Unlike your average family car, you can use your UTV for your agricultural business, recreational activities, and competitive racing. It’s hard to find another vehicle that can provide all of these purposes.

  1. Multiple Passengers

Driving a UTV can be a very memorable experience. This is especially true if the vehicle is still new and driving in challenging terrains under different weather conditions. But do you know how the experience can get a whole lot better? By letting a friend or family member tag along so they can experience your UTV, too!

When you buy a UTV, you will have the opportunity to share unique experiences with your friends and family as this vehicle comes with two, four, or six seats. This means that you’ll have enough space to experience comfort when driving and allow another person or a group to have fun as well.

  1. Personalization

Your UTV is your investment, which is why you would always want to make the most out of it. Aside from using the vehicle for different purposes, you can also choose to customize it to showcase your personality and uniqueness.

Do you want your UTV to turn heads whenever you’re behind the steering wheel? Have specialty lighting for your vehicle. Do you want other motorists to know how much you love music? Invest in high-quality stereo systems for your UTV.

Make The Right Investment

If you’re someone who’s fond of spending time outdoors, UTVs are the perfect vehicle for you. The power and size of this vehicle allow you to enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the weather and road condition.

However, with the number of UTV models available today, it’s important that you know what to consider when buying. For you to make the most out of your investment, determine what your purpose is in buying and make sure that you prepare a sufficient budget for the purchase and the vehicle’s future repairs.

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