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Rising Stars & Celebrity MVP Odds; Updated 3-Point, Slam Dunk and Skills Odds


Got this press release yesterday:

Unsurprisingly, Zion Williamson is the favorite to take home MVP honors in tomorrow night’s Rising Stars game.


Ja Morant, the frontrunner for this season’s ROY award, is a close second on the board. You can find the full list of odds for 21 players below.


Additionally, has made Team U.S. a 7.5-point favorite over Team World for Friday’s contest. The roster eye test certainly leans toward Team U.S. having an advantage.


There are also two prop bets on whether or not anyone will break Kevin Durant‘s 46-point Rising Stars record or if any player will record a triple double in the game. Both are longshots to happen.


Rising Stars odds are subject to change and you can find current odds here:


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Jeff Fox is a veteran sportswriter with over a decade experience, mainly concentrating on mixed martial arts and basketball. He is the editor-in-chief of The MMA Manifesto.

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