Gameday 61: Problems

Gameday 61: Problems


Gameday 61: Problems


Penguins vs. Caps

Capital One Arena | Washington, DC

Noon Eastern | NBC

Welcome back to weekend gameday. The gameday that wants a javelina.

The Penguins have an injury problem.

The Caps have a Todd problem.

Pittsburgh got their asses kicked by the Sabres 5-2 only a couple days after a 4-0 loss to the leafs.

Caps have lost 4 in a row and only 2-7 in February earning a robust 5 points in the month.

The Pens can mostly explain away this bout with injuries. It’s basically impossible to be consistent with as much flux as this lineup has been in. It’s going to take a tight, focused effort in Washington to even hang around this one.

Unless it doesn’t.

DC has looked basically listless all month. Their coach seems to be floundering as he continues to trot out a bad goalie and shuffling lines like a bad poker hand. He, personally, continues to make me lose money like a true asshole. I have all the same confidence in that man that you did in college of that friend that always talked about the time they did peyote.

Usually I am fired up for these games. They are one of the best parts of the hockey season. But this just has shitshow written all over it.

Those can be good sometimes too though just ask not the leafs.



Seems set up for Murray in the cage today.










Huge 2 points on the line today. These are the games that can mean a whole hell of a lot when it comes to seeding time. Tight, tough 60 minutes from the boys and we can have a javelina. For a treat.

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Go Pens

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