Jerry Jeudy strives to become next great NFL receiver

Jerry Jeudy strives to become next great NFL receiver


Jerry Jeudy strives to become next great NFL receiver


Alabama product Jerry Jeudy is considered by most to be the top receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft class.

Jeudy can run all the routes on the tree — be it short, intermediate or deep passing routes. His vertical speed allows him to take the top off the defense, and he can also use it to gain separation in short spaces. Not only that, he was coached up by Alabama’s talented staff, which projects well for him in the NFL.

He sure seems confident in his abilities, and that he’ll do well at the professional level, judging by comments he made at the NFL Scouting Combine on Tuesday.

“There’s a lot of great guys,” Jeudy said. “There’s some things we do different. I don’t really like to compare myself to other players. But I feel like I can do it all. I can play inside, I can play outside. I know how sit in zones and find ways to get open.”

We agree, having watched him. Jeudy also spoke on how former Alabama teammate Calvin Ridley had an effect on his development as a receiver.

He had a huge impact on my career,” Jeudy said. “Just starting off in high school, the first time I learned how to play receiver was off Calvin Ridley. I used to try to mimic what he did. Once I started getting more advanced and getting more growth in my game, I started just adding some stuff from his game to mine to get better.”

It will be interesting to see how quick Jeudy comes off the board, as he’s a surefire first-rounder.

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