What Are the Best Earmuffs for Shooting?

What Are the Best Earmuffs for Shooting?


What Are the Best Earmuffs for Shooting?


If you’re an enthusiast of shooting and hunting, then you likely appreciate the importance of ear protection.

The loud noise generated by a rifle or handgun firing can damage your ears. To combat this, you can wear earmuffs that will block much of this noise from entering your ears.

While earmuffs all serve the same purpose, they aren’t made equally and this means that some are more effective than others. When it comes to the best ear protection, finding quality electronic earmuffs should be your priority.

To help you understand what type of earmuffs work best, we’ll outline what you should be looking for below.

Standard Earmuffs

The first style of earmuffs that likely comes to your mind is a standard pair of earmuffs.

These are fairly basic and often include a plastic outer shell with thick foam cushioning inside. They have no extra features and are as direct as it gets.

There are two main problems with standard earmuffs. They’re often uncomfortable and don’t provide the greatest ear protection.

Basic earmuffs are usually designed to provide hearing protection at a budget price. This is why the materials used tend to make them are fairly rigid and uncomfortable to wear.

Additionally, standard earmuffs cannot provide high levels of ear protection. To adequately block out greater noise levels, foam cushioning isn’t enough.

Some standard earmuffs are high-quality and tend to be more expensive. These are more effective for blocking noise, but don’t offer anything beyond this.

Electronic Earmuffs

There’s also the option of using electronic earmuffs.

These are styled fairly similarly to standard earmuffs but include electronic features to add functionality.

The most effective feature is noise canceling. This mostly blocks out noise and will keep things nice and quiet. You can find this feature on many headphones, too.

Another great function of electronic earmuffs is the use of microphones to amplify minor sounds. This is particularly useful for activities like hunting, where you might need to hear noises like branches snapping and snow crunching.

You can also find some that include Bluetooth capabilities. This is a convenience feature that will allow you to listen to music, podcasts, or anything else to help pass the time.

Which Is Better?

Comparing between standard and electronic earmuffs, the clear winner here is electronic earmuffs.

This is because they offer more features and greater noise protection. Electronic earmuffs are also capable of blocking more sound than standard earmuffs can.

The main drawback is that electronic earmuffs are more expensive. However, if you can find value in the added features, then you’ll find them well worth the price.

Additionally, you’ll either need to use batteries or keep electronic earmuffs charged. This can render them less effective if they run out of charge in the middle of work or hunting.

If you only need ear protection periodically, then a standard pair might suit you better. They do work and they are much cheaper.

Strictly for shooting, electronic earmuffs are also the better choice. You’ll appreciate having them at the gun range where loud noise is constant.

They’re also great for hunting trips due to the comfort they offer. It likely won’t be as loud when you’re on a trip, but you will need them when you fire your gun.

Finally, electronic earmuffs are great for amplifying quiet sounds as mentioned above. This allows you to hear wildlife while still keeping your ears safe!

If you’re particularly concerned, consider using earplugs in addition to electronic earmuffs for a double layer of protection.

Quality Is Critical

There’s no disputing the fact that electronic earmuffs are superior. However, something to keep in mind is that quality is critical.

This means that a high-quality pair of standard earmuffs might work better than a shoddy pair of electronic earmuffs.

For something as important as protecting your hearing, quality is not something that you can skimp on. The effects of hearing loss are typically permanent and the difference in price between low-quality and high-quality is not worth losing your hearing over.

Take the time to carefully pick out the electronic earmuffs you want. Don’t rush your decision and end up with a subpar product that leaves you vulnerable!

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to shooting a firearm, you can’t neglect the need for ear protection. Guns are extremely loud and this can damage your sensitive ears.

You have multiple options for ear protection, but you’ll likely end up deciding between standard and electronic earmuffs.

Standard earmuffs are less expensive and tend to be less effective. Alternatively, electronic earmuffs cost more but work better and offer more features.

For shooting, you’ll certainly want electronic earmuffs for the best protection. You’ll still need to make sure that you find a pair of high-quality to ensure that they’re effective.

With great earmuffs on your head and earplugs underneath, you’ll never need to worry about hearing loss when enjoying your favorite hobby!

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