6 Betting Tips on the NCAA Basketball Tournament

6 Betting Tips on the NCAA Basketball Tournament


6 Betting Tips on the NCAA Basketball Tournament


The NCAA basketball tournament is one of the most popular sports tournaments in the United States, even though it is not as celebrated as the NBA, the NCAA basketball fans are as passionate as the fans of any sports around the world. Since it’s about that time for the NCAA basketball tournament, whether you are a fan or just someone who is looking to make some money off this tourney by betting, there is no smarter way to ensure you win than arming yourself with betting tips ahead of the tournament.

This article is simply going to guide you on the things to look out for when placing your bets on the NCAA basketball tournament. So if you are down with that, let’s dive in without delay.

1. Look Out For The Underdogs

The motivation of players is definitely up for all in the field of 68. No team wants to lose and as such, they are all motivated to win. However, there is a trick here; you don’t need to put your stakes on schools that have done almost everything to secure an automatic bid. Such schools are already looking ahead for the Big Dance. However, the smart thing to do is to look towards the Underdogs who must win all their games to get a place in the Big Dance. These are the guys with 100% motivation, they are the ones that will break a leg to ensure they win it all. They are the small teams that will flaw the big teams.

2. Check Past Records

How did teams perform down the stretch? What is the overall record so far? This is one of the surest betting tips on the NCAA basketball tournament and it has proven to work over the years. According to the team at Boyd’s Bets, you should also look at how each seeded team has performed so far as well as the records of the coaches. Except when there are uncertainties, teams and coaches that have done well down the stretch will most likely continue to do well. This is a common handicapping strategy employed by betting experts. Just keep your eye on the teams that finished the regular season “hot and on fire”. Avoid the ones that didn’t do well like a plague, chances are that they are not going to perform a miracle.

3. Don’t Forget the Location of the Tournament

The location of a tournament has a lot to say when it comes to determining which team will win. For instance, if a game is to be played at home for a particular team, there will be a lot of home support and chances are that the team will do very well against the traveling or away team. Make sure your bets are for teams that are playing at home or close to home. This way, you increase your chances of winning your bets.

4. Focus on Teams With Good Defense

The offense is needed for high scores and the highest scorers will win the game but that’s not just all that matters. Teams with a good offense may be good at scoring but a team with a good defense makes it hard for any points to be scored and have more chances of winning. If you notice any school who parade too much offensive gameplay, you may not bother to place your bets on them. All it takes is just one bad shooting performance and the whole game turns around. A team with a good defense has more chances of winning.

5. Forget About the Team You Are Supporting

There is always the temptation to bet in favor of your favorite team. There is just this thing at the back of your head that tells you your team is going to win even when you know that the team they are up against is better. You need to avoid biases when you are placing your bets. The easiest way is to not bet on your favorite team if you think you will be betraying them by betting on the opposing team. Since you don’t want your favorite team to mess up your perfectly selected bets, avoid your favorite team. Trust me, you will enjoy watching them play rather than worrying about them winning or losing, whatever the case may be.

6. Minimize Your Bets

Several folks who bet on every NCAA basketball game and team. This is not a smart move. The more the number of games you bet on, the higher the odds but harder it will be to make the bank. While doing your analysis, narrow down on the games that you know have value and avoid the ones that you are not sure of. It’s better to have a few odds with a win than a thousand odds with a loss.

If you follow the above betting tips on the NCAA basketball tournament, chances are that you will have more wins than losses. However, you should not stop at this article, you should do more research on your own.

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