Effective Non-Opioid Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

Effective Non-Opioid Methods for Managing Chronic Pain

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Effective Non-Opioid Methods for Managing Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is a condition that affects people of all sizes, ages, genders, and races. However, the elderly suffer the most torment. Recall, cancer, and physical injury leave them susceptible to pain.

More so, conventional medicine does not cure chronic pain. Even worse, the drugs used to numb the pain cause severe side effects on the user’s body. Luckily, some non-opioid techniques have proven effective in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. They include:

1) Surgery

An injury sustained during an accident exposes you to pain. The situation then worsens when the doctor administers opioid-filled drugs during treatment. Some of these drugs cause addiction, among other side effects.

Luckily, surgery at BeWell Medical has always proven effective in circumstances when other techniques failed. Nonetheless, you must find the right medical practitioner. The agent will numb your pain and save you from years of torment.

2) Acupuncture

Have you ever heard of acupuncture? Such a form of treatment uses thin needles to alleviate your pain. However, the doctor only inserts the pins in the affected regions of the body and up to specific depths. Moreover, it would help if you found an acupuncture expert. Remember, only a professional can interrupt the pain signals, all thanks to the strategic placement of needles in your body.

3) Nerve Blocks

People suffer from severe pain when the nerves in the affected parts of the body suffer damage. Fortunately, doctors have found a way of saving you from the worst cases of inflammation. They use injections of nerve blocks. These medications then short-circuit your pain, thus giving you instant relief.

4) Physical Therapy

Did you know that a visit to your local chiropractor is a game-changer? Such a professional can use their hands and apply pressure to massage the body. The hand-like motions then soothe affected muscles, thus helping you recover from chronic pain.

More so, physiotherapists use whirlpools and ultrasound to alleviate your pain. With that in mind, you must find the best physicians on the market. They will deliver results fast and on a budget.

5) Radio Waves

Are you aware that radio waves can offer chronic pain relief? The signals burn affected nerves using electric signals. All the practitioners must do is run an electric current through a needle inserted next to the nerve.

6) Electrical Signals

Additionally, low-volts of electricity have proven effective in numbing pain in the short-term. You only have to send electric signals through the painful spots using shock-pads. Anyhow, only allow a certified professional to conduct the procedure on you. Otherwise, it might harm your body.

7) Pain Pumps

Have you heard about pain pumps? These devices are easy to implant in the body. They then deliver pain medication to the affected regions with the help of a button.

Nonetheless, chronic pain is manageable using a diversity of non-opioid methods. You only need to find the right approach for you. Above all, you must consult an expert to ensure that the option you take is more than safe for your body.

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