The Multiple Health Benefits of Marijuana

The Multiple Health Benefits of Marijuana

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The Multiple Health Benefits of Marijuana


Cannabis, or Mairjuana, has a wide range of health benefits which continue to grow as scientists continue to study the plant and its active compounds. The active compounds of cannabis, THC and CBD, impact the brain and body and, in controlled form, can aid in better overall functioning – check the following article if you’d like to see best CBD cream for Arthritis pain.

This short blog will discuss the various health benefits of marijuana in more detail to help you independently assess whether it deserves all the negative connotations that are associated with it.


In addition to THC and CBD, there are other compounds in marijuana, called cannabinoids which have been scientifically evidenced as providing relief from chronic pain. Most medical marijuana users use it to help find relief from chronic pain issues and inflammation. This is why many doctors will prescribe the same for issues such as arthritis and joint inflammation.


You know that strong feeling of hunger you get after you smoke a joint? That happens because marijuana increases your body’s metabolism and, if you control your diet while using marijuana, you can use it as an aid to help with weight loss. Marijuana has also been shown to help the body in regulating insulin levels, which also helps in weight management.


The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis has stated that cannabis can help to stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and improve circulation. If marijuana has an effect on insulin levels, as mentioned above, then it’s bound to help in regulating blood sugar and keep diabetes at bay.


Studies have shown CBD to have an impact in regulating and stabilizing mood. This is because of the effect it has on the brain receptors responsible for regulating mood. In monitored doses, it can also help in managing anxiety and is being increasingly prescribed by mental health practitioners.


The effectiveness of marijuana for the treatment of epilepsy is best evidenced by the recent approval of the FDA to manufacture and sell a drug that has been made using CBD. The compounds in marijuana can help alleviate seizures as it acts on the brain’s receptors which that involved when a person has a seizure. 


Marijuana can work as a great supplement in fighting cancer. Due to its effects in relieving pain and improving metabolism, marijuana can help in fighting the side-effects of chemotherapy.


One of the biggest symptoms of ADHD is the difficulty to pay attention to any given task or topic. Marijuana helps improve focus and calm a person down and has been increasingly prescribed by medical practitioners. The focus element of marijuana is so popular that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners regularly use marijuana in their training sessions to help improve their focus.


Treatment for Hepatitis C comes with numerous side effects, including nausea, fatigue, depression, and muscle pain.  Marijuana can help alleviate all of these symptoms with relative ease and fewer side effects. This makes the treatment a lot easier and provides some much needed comfort to the patients who are going through so much pain and suffering.

We hope the above was able to enlighten you on the truth regarding marijuana and the benefits it offers to one’s health. To read more, be sure to read Idweeds Marijuana benefits.

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