4 Best Ways to Watch AFL Live Stream Online From Anywhere

4 Best Ways to Watch AFL Live Stream Online From Anywhere


4 Best Ways to Watch AFL Live Stream Online From Anywhere


The Australian Football League (AFL) is starting on 19th March 2020, with no sign of shutting down games yet for the now infamous coronavirus. That means we all need to find a good way to watch. Yet there are many AFL Live Stream Online options, and it is possible you know a few. However, some people may not know about other terrific options to try.

That is where we come in, as we have gathered the 4 best ways to watch the AFL Live Stream content from pretty much anywhere. You may be saying, wait, from anywhere? Yes, anywhere. You do not have to be in the nation of Australia nor do you have to be living in the next-door neighbor to Australia, New Zealand, to watch the AFL.

That said, let’s dive into all the ways you can see this sport.

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports happens to be a terrific over-the-top streaming service that streams multiple sports from all over the world. Of course, that includes the AFL. They show sports from Fox Sports, ESPN, beIN Sport, and even Racing.com. This is a pretty big deal, yet the service is technically only available for Australians.

Of course, Aussies will be the main people wishing to watch the AFL online. Kayo Sports is beloved by those who use it too. They have over 400,000 subscribers and counting. In our opinion, 400,000 people cannot be wrong. 

Again, this is only available for Australians or those inside the borders of Australia. Thus, even if you’re an Aussie that happens to be overseas, you won’t be able to access Kayo Sports. Those who are within the borders of Australia will certainly enjoy a great OTT streaming service and will be able to watch AFL match-ups when everything starts up.

Foxtel (Fox Sports)

Foxtel technically began in Australia with the 20th Century Fox company. This meant they were able to bring Fox Sports content to Australian television for the first time. Of course, this switched up a bit ownership wise as Telstra became involved. This, of course, gave us the name we see today.

The Foxtel Go service allows Australians all over the nation to watch numerous sports, even some outside of the Fox Sports banner. This includes most if not all of the AFL match-ups this upcoming season. The cool thing is that, unlike Kayo Sports, Foxtel Go can technically work outside the borders of Australia.

However, Foxtel Go is “geo-restricted.” This means it won’t work outside Australia if the device you’re using does not show in some way that you’re within the borders of the nation. Yet you can still access it if you use a VPN that will help your device “act” as if it is still within the borders. This will trick the geo-restriction, thereby allowing you to access Foxtel Go pretty much anywhere.

Channel 7 (7plus)

Like many networks all over the world, several local networks are making their content streamable online. Channel 7 is no different, as they have made an application you can download that will allow you to watch their content on-demand with some live content. AFL games should be possible to stream from here due to airing on the network.

Like the other Australian-based stream services, you will only be able to access the app if you’re inside the borders of Australia. It will work on pretty much any device that can download apps when you do this. However, if you can cloak your I.P. Address overseas, you’ll be able to access the 7plus app pretty much anywhere.

Naturally, that means you’ll need something like a VPN to help you accomplish this. Once you do, all AFL games that air on the network will be available on the app.


You may have noticed we brought up VPNs a lot. If you’re not aware of what they are, this is known as a Virtual Private Network. They allow you to hide your I.P. address anywhere in the world. They essentially make your internet-connected devices hackproof. 

This allows you to stream on an easily hackable network like your local fast food joint’s internet. However, unlike others, you won’t be hacked because the VPN is protecting you the entire time, regardless of the sketchy network. They use some of the world’s greatest encryption software. Some are even on the same scale as America’s FBI & CIA.

Best of all, due to the hiding your I.P. and the multiple fake addresses they use, they’ll allow you to use stream services pretty much anywhere in the world.

They also NEVER dock or remember information, thereby keeping your content & information private.

To see AFL Live Stream Online content, you’ll need a VPN if you’re outside the borders of Australia. You can use local services and your phone will properly disguise things to allow the streaming to take place. The best VPNs to use are as follows:

  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • Ivacy
  • Surfshark
  • ZenMate
  • Keezal Safe

They are all cheap to use too. Some provide a lifetime subscription while others offer 1 to 3-year subscriptions. They usually just require you to buy and use on your phone or other internet-connected device. Keezal, however, sends you an object so you pay for it as well as the service. The others, however, you just buy the service.

This prices out often between $30 to $50 in the American Dollar Currency. This equates to roughly $48 to $80 in the Australian Dollar Currency. We highly recommend the VPN, especially for Aussies that travel outside the country quite often. On top of this, you’ll be able to access streaming services only available in certain countries, including America’s Hulu service. 

This includes other services like ESPN+ & Disney+ for those nations that cannot access them.

Obviously, this means AFL Live Stream Online content can be seen free with multiple services using a great VPN. That said, enjoy Australian Football this year ladies and gentlemen!

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