Champions Roll Call: K-1

Champions Roll Call: K-1


Champions Roll Call: K-1



With combat sports mostly on hold, we’ve decided it’s as good of a time as any to take a glimpse around the combat world and take stock of current world champions.  We’ll start in the UFC and work our way around major MMA, major kickboxing, and boxing world champions during the current freeze.

A quick note, defenses listed is how many defenses they’ve made during their current run with the title, if a fighter has multiple reigns.


Heavyweight Roel Mannaart 25-4 1 defense
Cruiserweight Vacant
Middleweight Yuta Kubo 48-10 2 defenses
Lightweight Kenta Hayashi 17-5-2 0 defenses
Featherweight Takeru Segawa 38-1 1 defense
Bantamweight Yoshiki Takei 22-2 0 defenses

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