How is Coronavirus Affecting the Sports World

How is Coronavirus Affecting the Sports World


How is Coronavirus Affecting the Sports World


Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all corners of the world and is taking people from all walks of life under its cursed wing. Similarly, sportspersons and players across the world aren’t safe from the disease either and have reportedly been falling prey. According to ESPN, The Head Coach of New Orleans Saints, Mr. Sean Payton has recently been reported to have tested positive for coronavirus. Unfortunately, he is not the only famous sportsperson fighting this disease as four NETs have also tested positive including none other than Kevin Durant.

Nov 5, 2019; New York, NY, USA; NBA players John Wall (left) and Kevin Durant (right) talk on the court before a game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Michigan State Spartans at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

To curb the spread of this disease, major sports associations across the world have started taking responsible and timely steps. On Wednesday, National Basketball Association has announced that it will be suspending its season so the disease can be fought effectively. Furthermore, the famous NFL Draft which was going to be held in April is now scheduled to be held behind closed doors without a crowd and the proceedings of the event have been decided to be televised for the public. The authoritative body of NFL has also decided to follow the guidelines of public health authorities and to get their coronavirus symptomatic players tested along with those that could’ve possibly been exposed to the disease.

The reports of our favorite stars falling sick are heartbreaking for us all, and this only increases the demand for everyone to take responsive measures to fight the disease and prevent its spread. The most pertinent step to take in the current circumstances is to keep ourselves aware and to follow the precautionary recommendations that have been provided by the World Health Organization.

While we are all being responsible citizens and taking a break from our routine activities like sports as recommended by public health authorities, it is also crucial for us to keep our morale high and to keep having fun inside our homes. Even though we might’ve lost touch with physical sports for some time, it doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop. Here are a few online games that you can enjoy while killing this time.

1. Online Casino Games

Even if you are new to the world of online casino gaming, you will not take much time adjusting to this entertaining field. Casino games can captivate the minds of people of all ages due to their huge variety, mind-challenging features, and the lucrative offers of making huge sums of real money. You can start playing at sites like Get Lucky Casino and avail their amazing gifts and prizes right away.

2. Online Basketball

Aug 25, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Cloud9 player Tristan Stidam plays during the LCS Summer Finals event against Team Liquid at Little Caesars Arena. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Internet has no shortage of entertaining sports games and online basketball games are an example of that. You can choose from a wide range of games and find the most exciting game with exuberant graphics and high ratings to entertain your way through these boring times.

3. Online Soccer

Soccer is an all-time favorite sport and it is impossible to keep soccer-lovers away from it. To let you play soccer online, there are a plethora of online soccer games such as FIFA available online that you can enjoy with your football buddies!

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