How to Watch Your Favorite Sports Online

How to Watch Your Favorite Sports Online

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How to Watch Your Favorite Sports Online


The Internet has changed many businesses and the entertainment sector is no exception. Since the era of online streaming services has begun, people are cutting cords and opting for online services. There are lots of online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and now seeing the good market, Apple and Disney have started their own streaming services. But these services mostly offer movies, TV shows, and anime but there are some dedicated apps and sites to watch sports online. Here, you can watch soccer online, cricket, football, UFC, boxing, and many other sports games. If you are wondering how to watch sports online what are the streaming platforms you should try then we have presented a complete list of them. Choose the one that suits you the best.


ESPN is one of the best streaming services to watch live sports events and tournaments. The service can be accessed on ESPN+ app and It is a sports streaming service from Disney and users have to opt for a monthly or yearly subscription plan. The service has more than 7.6 million subscribers. It offers live streaming of boxing and UFC events along with cricket, major soccer leagues, tennis, baseball, golf, rugby, and several other sports events. But remember that NFL, NBA, and MLB are not included in the service plan so you have to buy it additionally.

NBC Sports

NBC is not a new name in broadcasting and it offers online streaming of major sports and events and popular games. The site is accessible at The app of the service is available for all the OS including iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, Windows, Chromecast, and Amazon FireTV. It provides a detailed schedule of the upcoming events. It has various categories like NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, golf, soccer, MLB, Olympic, and others. If you are into sports betting then this, sports streaming service has sports betting section integrated with the streaming service.


Stream2watch is a free streaming website where users can watch sports online for free. It offers live sports TV channels along with other live television channels. This is not a legal service like the two we mentioned above but it has got a number of features that you can enjoy without paying a penny. Users can access this site at and they just have to search for live sports or TV channels and they are good to go. Here, users can get on-demand access to live sports stream with just a free registration. The sports games roster includes basketball, baseball, boxing, cricket, football, soccer, motorsports, MMA, wrestling, and many more.


This does what it tells. It has VIP on it but the site is absolutely free to watch any sports event and love sports games. VIPleagues can be accessed at and you can access various UK and US channels for free. There is no need to register but with signing up, you can enjoy several other perks. It has got a complete schedule of upcoming sports events and once they are available, you will be given a direct live streaming link. Football, American football, tennis, boxing, MMA, MotoGP, golf, cricket, basketball, and many other games can be streamed online here. This is completely free so you can guess that it is completely illegal.


FirstRowSports is a free sports stream website. Users don’t need to sign up or pay any fee to stream live sports. Well, this sports streaming site is mainly focused on football but you will also get to stream games like basketball, rugby, American football, UFC, WWE, boxing, motorsports, baseball, tennis, and many other games. The video streaming quality if FirstRow is really good but you need a good internet connection. You can access the site at and it can be accessed on the PCs as well as smartphones. So you can watch live sports online on a smartphone for free.


MyP2P (formerly known as SportsP2P) is a great sports streaming site. The site can be accessed at On the homepage, you shall see the complete schedule of all the major upcoming sports events with the streaming link mentioned below it. It offers live sports TV channels for free streaming and major tournaments or events of soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, boxing, volleyball, US football, rugby, and others. You don’t need to sign up.  The site is free so it may run a few ads but if you use an ad blocker on the PC browser then you can get rid of ads. So this could be one of the best sites to watch free sports online.

So these are some of the best illegal and legal sports streaming services on the internet. You can opt for any service that suits you the best. Check them out and tell us which one did you like the most. If you know some similar sites or services then you can tell us in the comment box.

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