Top 5 Ways to Make Money in the Booming Esports Market

Top 5 Ways to Make Money in the Booming Esports Market


Top 5 Ways to Make Money in the Booming Esports Market


Esports attract more and more attention from viewers, sponsors, and aspiring players all around the world, which always means one thing in particular – more money. Playing games doesn’t mean that you’re lazy, careless, and too easy-going anymore. People are more eager to invest their money in esports, the tournament prizes are getting bigger, young players are less afraid to pursue careers in gaming, and the public is less skeptical about it. Are you fascinated by the esports market as well? Would you like to find yourself a place there, but you’re not sure what are the opportunities? Here’s a list of the best ways to make money in the esports market to inspire you:

Mar 30, 2019; Boston, MA, USA; Philadelphia Union player doolsta (Cormac Dooley) reacts during the championship round of the eMLS Cup event at The Castle at Park Plaza . Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports


1. Sports betting


If you have some sports knowledge, and you’re looking for ways to make money without having to leave your horse, sports betting is something for you. Websites like Winbig can provide you with all the necessary information – how and where you can bet to maximize your chances of winning and minimize the risks. Your strategy may be guessing if you have too much money to spend and time to kill, but it would be better if you already had some knowledge in a certain esport. It will help you predict the most probable outcome. Of course, we are all only human, and life is full of surprises, the sports world especially, but with solid expertise, you will be able to boost your chances of winning.


2. Investments


If you do have some cash, but you don’t see yourself as a gamer, a host, or a better, you still can put them to some use – try investing! You don’t need a lot – you can start small and build your way up. You can buy stocks of companies investing in esports, or start a partnership with an esport company. And who knows, maybe with time, you will have a decisive or contributional voice in the matters concerning the future of esports.

Apr 13, 2019; St. Louis , MO, USA; TSM battles Team Liquid during the League of Legends Championship Series Spring Finals at Chaifetz Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


3. Playing and teaching


In today’s world, and on the booming esports market, a great professional player can earn even millions of dollars. The prize pools vary, depending on the sponsors, the tournament, the location, etc., but we are talking about really big money here. If you’re only starting, you should try specializing in one of the popular games, e.g., League of Legends, FIFA or Overwatch. Then you must work on your skills. Just like in the case of every other regular sport, esports require practice and training. When you feel you’re ready, start signing up for local tournaments, and after some time, you may be picked up by one of the professional teams.

However, if you are a player, but you don’t want to become a professional, you can always teach other beginners. Consider becoming a gaming coach for a young person who needs help in perfecting their skills. You may also start a YouTube channel with tutorials or tutoring services.


4. Stream and host


Streaming was one of the very first things that have begun to make esports famous. Gamers all around the world have started their channels on YouTube or Twitch, and the audience eager to watch games has been continually and surprisingly growing since then. Your own channel can help you build your authority and promote your name in the gaming world. You can stream your own games, comment those of professional players, and create a whole entertaining watching experience for other spectators. With time (and more viewers), you will be able to make big money on ads and sponsors.


5. Video game development


Video game developers are the foundation of the whole market. And since the market is booming, there is a growing demand for their skills. Esport companies are popping like mushrooms, while the older, established ones are growing in size. Very often, these are the game creators who organize the biggest and the most famous tournaments. For example, the creator of League of Legends has multiple different leagues for their players. That’s why game designers, programmers, software developers, and project managers can earn hundreds of thousands annually in today’s world.

However, all is not lost if you’re not much of a technical person. Video testing doesn’t require you to have a degree related to digital entertainment, or, to be precise, any degree at all. Every game needs to be tested before it can be released to the market. It’s not as well-paid as working in development, but it will give you an opportunity to make money on playing games. Not bad. 

Find your place

Don’t go for anything. Don’t choose the most profitable way to make money, because if you don’t enjoy or feel it, you won’t be able to keep going in the long-term. Esports market has become so big that you will surely find something that you will like, or at least don’t mind doing.

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