Formula One legend Stirling Moss dies at age 90

Formula One legend Stirling Moss dies at age 90


Formula One legend Stirling Moss dies at age 90


One of the best Formula One drivers of all-time passed away on Sunday after a long illness. According to Giles Richards of The Guardian,  Stirling Moss of London, England  was 90 years of age.

Known as possibly the best Formula One driver never to have won a World Championship, Moss finished second for four straight seasons from 1955 to 1958 and in third place for three straight seasons from 1959 to 1961. A member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega, AL, Moss won a total of 212 races, including 16 Formula One races.

Moss’s first Formula One win came at the 1955 British Grand Prix in Liverpool, England. This was a fantastic day by Mercedes as they finished finished first through fourth. Moss was also the first British driver ever to win the British Grand Prix.

In 1956, Moss won two Formula One races. The first came at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 13, 1956 and the second came at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on September 2, 1956. Moss’s win in Monaco came by six seconds.

In 1957, Moss won three of the last four Formula One races of the season. However, it was still not good enough to beat Juan Manuel Fangio of Argentina for the third straight season. Moss won his second career British Grand Prix, and also won twice in Italy, in Pescara and Monza. 

In 1958, Moss once again finished second. However, this time he was behind Mike Hawthorn of Great Britain. Moss won the Argentine Grand Prix, the Dutch Grand Prix, the Portugese Grand Prix and the Moroccan Grand Prix. 

In 1959, Moss had multiple wins on the circuit for the fourth year in a row. His titles came in Portugal and Italy. In 1960, Moss won in Monaco and captured his first victory in the United States as he won the United States Grand Prix in Riverside, CA. In 1961, Moss defended his title in Monaco and won in Germany as well for his final Formula One victory. 



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