How Do Compression Sleeves Help When Playing Sport

How Do Compression Sleeves Help When Playing Sport

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How Do Compression Sleeves Help When Playing Sport


Many think that compression sleeves are made for sports fashion because most have fantastic designs. Especially when they’re from well-known sportswear brands, people will wear these clothes for their names. However, there is more than a fashion behind compression clothing.

Not only does this type of clothing make athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts, but compression sleeves are made to help them during and after their game. With the health benefits that compression sleeves offer, sporty people can benefit a lot. 

Here’s how compression sleeves help you during a game:

  1. Regulate Body Temperature

When playing under the sun or even indoors, your body temperature naturally goes up. Thus, it’ll add discomfort, which sometimes affects your performance. Especially if the weather’s too hot, your body temperature should not rise too much.

You can regulate the temperature of your body by playing or training with compression-technology sleeves. Because of the moisture-wicking technology behind compression sleeves, these can draw heat and moisture away from your body. As a result, it maintains your body temperature.

Moreover, the fabric of compression sleeves are unlike ordinary clothing. As a result, your skin can easily sweat out the heat and breathe. With this, your body temperature won’t quickly rise. 

When you’re feeling comfy and not feeling hot, you can move your upper body well. By then, you can focus on winning the game instead of feeling the warm weather and your body tempt. 

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  1. Help With Blood Circulation

Aside from regulating your body temperature, compression sleeves can also help your blood circulation, especially on your hands. It helps your blood move into your heart, which in turn decreases your risks of blood clots. Not only that, but it improves the blood circulation of your hands. 

This is true by creating pressure on your hands. It starts with a maximum compression of your wrists, then slowly lowering on the upper part of your sleeves. 

By wrapping your hands during a game, the compression sleeves help regulate your arms. Especially when you’re playing during cold weather, compression sleeves optimize your blood flow. Thus, it can help warm up your limbs as your blood is ensured to flow through your arms. 

Most importantly, if your blood circulation is healthy, then your metabolic process is also assured. Metabolism is vital when you’re playing so that you can use your energy efficiently.

  1. Reduce Injuries 

Although playing sports is beneficial, one of its downsides is acquiring injuries from it. Whatever sports you’re playing, it’s possible to injure yourself. But thanks to compression sleeves, you can prevent the risks of harming your hand muscles. 

Since compression sleeves keep your muscles in their proper position and support them, you’re more likely to prevent a hand injury. With such, you can do away with your hand and give all that you can when playing. Also, compression sleeves keep your muscles loose and warm, which lessens the possibility of pulling your muscles. 

The tightness of your compression sleeves can stabilize your joints and muscles. This can help prevent muscle injuries as well as fatigue. As a result, you can do more while wearing your compression sleeves. 

  1. Boost Recovery

Aside from muscle injury prevention, wearing compression sleeves can also help increase your recovery time. Even when you’re not injured, your muscles and body need to recover from physical exertion. You may need to rest from your game or eat healthy meals to help your body back in its form. 

But when you’re an athlete, your body will need to recover faster, especially when you need to play another set of games. Thus, you may need compression sleeves, even after playing. 

The compression sleeves will help increase your blood flow so that your hands will recover quicker. 

On the other hand, when you’re injured, compression sleeves can also soothe inflammation and muscle pain. If you want to recover faster, you need to reduce swelling. That’s why wearing compression sleeves will prevent worsening your inflammation.

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  1. Protect Your Skin

Moreover, wearing compression sleeves when playing sports can protect your skin from harmful dirt or sun rays. Since you may be exposed under the sun for an extended period when playing sports, you may be exposing your skin with excessive heat. When this happens, your skin becomes prone to skin cancer and other skin problems. 

But when you’re wearing compression sleeves, the clothing material blocks out harmful sun rays and heat accumulation. 

And while the breathable fabric breathes out your sweat and heat, the compression sleeves also keep dirt particles from your skin. Especially when your skin’s sensitive, you need to wear protective layers when playing outdoors.


These are some of the many reasons why wearing compression clothing when playing sports is essential. By protecting your muscles and skin from injuries and harmful dirt, compression sleeves keep your performance better as an overall result. Since it regulates your body temperature, you can play longer without feeling hot. Also, by helping your blood circulation, you can prevent injuring your muscles while playing. 

Not only that, but compression sleeves also protect your skin from overexposure to sun rays and protect yourself from possible injury. If worse comes to worst, you can use compression sleeves to aid in your recovery. 

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