Covid-19's Devastating Impact on Sport in 2020

Covid-19's Devastating Impact on Sport in 2020


Covid-19's Devastating Impact on Sport in 2020


As we look at the devastation this virus has inflicted on the world, there are some small bright-sides to keep our punters happy.

Covid-19: The 2020 Sporting Apocalypse

By now Covid-19 has reached every corner of the world leaving a huge path of destruction in its wake. It’s extremely trying times for the entire planet’s economy and it will change the way we work and live in the coming years. However, our society will soldier through, but what are the implications on our beloved sports?

The virus has completely destroyed any hope of a great summer of sports and with it our earnings with the bookies. As of writing, Wimbledon is gone, football is all but over and other sports like Australian Rules and Rugby Union are staring down a scary barrel of complete bankruptcy. In general terms, all sports rely on broadcasting revenue to survive; no games means no money.

Mar 18, 2020; Tampa, Florida, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Vita Vea (50) shops at Trader Joe’s. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a troubling time from the business side of the games we love with some sports going to extreme lengths to try and survive. The Australian Rugby League competition saw one New Zealand team have to uproot their homes abroad as travel restrictions meant 14-day isolations for home games. 

The final step being a proposal to have all 16 teams live together in isolation in a small rural town that had a football stadium. Television revenue could still be earned and it would have been the only sport on TV right now. But getting all players to commit to sport over family proved one step too far and the idea was abandoned.

It’s Not all Doom and Gloom – Casino Bonuses Are Here to Help

The bright side to this is that the online casino market has the ability to absorb the crisis and bounce back quickly. Offering up tasty morsels of free money in the form of a casino bonus, you can find some great casino offers at a trusted comparison site. This will at the very least offer sports book gamblers a potentially lucrative little distraction from their normal ways. You may just find that your new past time makes you more money than the sports book ever did!

Those that prefer to bet on a result rather than participate themselves can have a punt on a live casino too. As an example, poker can be played live online from the comfort and safety of your isolation bubble, any time of the day or night. Even if you’re not a dab hand at cards, you can take a punt on someone else at the table winning the hand, so there really is something there for all levels of play.

And obviously, without sounding like a politician, we will get through this. The sun will come up tomorrow and sport will be back on our TV’s, eventually. 2020 may be a punter’s right off for sports but there’s still some coin to made online, but only for those of us who can adapt and evolve quickly.

How Can Sports Survive?

The great thing about us humans is our ability to adapt to situations. We’ve been doing it for years through ice ages and meteorite crashes. 2020 will prove that those that adapt the fastest will rise from the ashes.

Barcelona has been the first major football team to pass their record income losses on to their players, as published in the New York Times. Like it or not, a 70% pay cut has been agreed by the board and players alike which will hopefully see the team through this recession. Some will say that it’s small peanuts compared to what others are going through, as Spain passes another 24 hours of 800+ deaths, but it’s a great start. Yes, Messi will still earn €2.5 million per month without having to touch a football, but hey, they are trying.

Formula One legend Helmut Marko of Red Bull motorsports has a novel approach to his team. Assuming, like many others, that this virus will eventually touch every one of us, his idea is to bring his drivers and juniors all together for a Corona Party. And we aren’t talking alcohol. This week’s article in the BBC saw him trying to efficiently make use of the downtime caused by the cancellation of the first 8 races. Thankfully, Red Bull management has shelved the idea, but could he be on to something?

Covid-19 will be a crippling financial strain on the entire planet, with sports not being immune. Not all clubs will make it through, but hopefully the essence of the game will not be changed by it. You can’t rip out the soul of sport, but the way we know it will certainly change, hopefully for the better. What this will do, however, is put sport into perspective with life. With so many people’s lives being affected around this virus, the wellbeing and health of our loved ones is, and will forever be, our number one priority.

Mar 15, 2020; Sacramento, California, USA; A note regarding the suspension of the NBA season is seen at Golden 1 Center where a game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Sacramento Kings has been cancelled following the decision by the league to suspend the season in response to the Covid 19 coronavirus outbreak.. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Sportsbook Implications

At the risk of sounding too condescending, no sports means no betting on sports. Period. So what sports are still going on during all this? How does Russian Table Tennis sound? Because that’s about it right now and will no doubt be shut down soon too.

What we are going to see in the coming months is a huge surge in eSports betting. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this, the most common is when punters bet on who will win in a computer game, such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). But football is overtaking this by way of FIFA 20, where instead of you betting on your football team to win, you can bet on an individual to beat another in an online computer football game.

It’s yet another example of how we humans adapt to our surroundings. Those of us that have an undying love for the game, and the need to bet on it, will still have that opportunity. Is it something that most of us never dreamt we’d ever be a part of, maybe so. But it’s the scratch that removes our itch if nothing else, and one that is valued at a staggering $12.9 billion at present.

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