Predictions for the 2020 QB Draft Class

Predictions for the 2020 QB Draft Class

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Predictions for the 2020 QB Draft Class


This is now my fourth year writing a pre-draft prediction  QB article.  It’s meant to be fun, crazy, and fantasy, but also based on I hope some rational thoughts about where some of the quarterbacks from the 2020 draft class could and maybe, should go.

Here, I am presenting more of a “I would like to see this team draft” mock up.  Last year, I got three right, but its nothing to brag about when I believe almost everybody got the same three right that I got (Murray to Arizona, Haskins to Washington, and Jones to the Giants).

This year, I believe I’ll land one for sure, after that, it’s a crap shoot.  But I like it, it’s fun.  Write today, go back and see how terribly off you were a couple of days later.

For this season, I’m basing the QB rankings off of the website, just for reference.  So with that, here are my predictions for the 2020 QB Class.

Joe Burrow…Bengals, duh.  Burrow the Bengal.  It’s a lock, a Drew Lock.  This is happening, it’s that simple. No doubt about it.  There’s really nothing left to say.  I honestly think Cincy would be better off either trading the pick or going Chase Young, because I don’t think Andy Dalton is done playing football, but the Bengals have chosen this route.  Kind of reminds me of when the Bengals (how ironic) picked David Klingler in the first round of the 1992 draft when they already had Boomer Esiason at quarterback.

That’s the only certainty, after this, holy crap, it’s a total “pin the tail on the donkey” kind of game.

Justin Herbert..goes to the Chargers.  It’s a nice overall story.  Herbert never left the West Coast- born in Oregon, played ball at Oregon, moves to Los Angeles.  The only team that would take Herbert is of course, Miami.  But I think the Dolphins also got worn out with Ryan Tannehill being an okay quarterback, and Herbert brings back those memories.  They need a change of ideas and picking Herbert in Miami only brings back those Tannehill years.

Tua Tagovailoa…Dolphins, but it won’t be with the 5th overall pick.  Miami is going offensive line at five, simply because Tua will be there at 18 because of the whole hip injury concerns.  “Tank for Tua” was the fan motto last season in Miami, so it almost has to happen right.  The only bump in the road would be if the Chargers take Tua at 6, which could happen too.

Jordan Love…before I say where he goes, I want to note this.  I think after Burrow, Love is probably the best prospect in this draft class.  He’s got so many “x-factors” that it makes him the most intriguing pick of this QB Class, that and the whole Mahomes comparisons.  An ESPN report a couple of days ago noted that the Patriots, Saints, Packers, Dolphins, and Redskins had been doing some “serious” research into Love, and there’s good reason why.  I could see a situation where the Saints try to move up and nab Love, who would then sit and watch Drew Brees until it’s his time to take over.  If that happens, yikes.  So Saints it is, because the Patriots aren’t trading up for a QB in the first round under Bill Belichick right?  Right?

Jacob Eason…Packers.  I would love to see another Eason at quarterback for the Patriots (Tony Eason), but it’s time for Green Bay in the very least, to start developing someone under Rodgers.  If Green Bay has been doing their homework on Love, then that tells you they are eyeing a future successor to Rodgers.  Eason won’t cost them a 1st round pick, so it’s a project pick- think Mason Rudolph in Pittsburgh.  If it works, awesome, if it doesn’t, then they move on.

Jalen Hurts…Patriots.  The Pats have a ton of draft picks, and they will get a QB in the draft, that’s a guarantee.  Hurt would be a nice 2nd or 3rd round pick.  Yes the Patriots have Jarrett Stidham, but Hurts would also fill in now as a de facto Taysom Hill (New Orleans).  In this ever changing NFL, Belichick would have a quarterback who won at two different major programs in college football, and like Brady did, came off the bench to preform well. It fits well for Hurts and the Patriots.

Jake Fromm…Colts.  There’s something about Fromm that to me, screams “Plummer, Dalton, Carr, and Garoppolo”- in essence, a second round pick with 1st round talent who turned out to have solid NFL careers.  Fromm would be such a nice hookup with Frank Reich in Indy.  He sits for a season or two under Philip Rivers, learns the offense, and eventually takes over.  I like this pick.

Anthony Gordon…Falcons. Late pick, let him develop and see what happens.  Why not?

Jake Lutton…Titans.  Tennessee signed Tannehill to a big contract after their playoff run, but also lost Marcus Mariota in the process.  They need a backup quarterback to develop.  Lutton like Tannehill this season, rarely turned the ball over at Oregon State.  It’s a nice 5th, 6th, or 7th round pick.

James Morgan…Lions.  Just like Anthony Gordon, this is a late pick, see what happens.  Morgan has career backup written all over him, reminds me a lot of CJ Beathard (49ers).

Steven Montez…Bucs.  You get Montez to learn from both Tom Brady and QB Guru coach Bruce Arians, and you might have yourself a solid late round steal.

Mason Fine from North Texas could be another player to go, but that’s more for a team that has a lot of draft picks, other than that, I think he’s a priority free agent signing.

So that’s it, those are my picks of the guys that will get drafted- 11 in total.  We’ll see what happens.  Enjoy the draft!

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