Friday night Eagles draft action with MACH scorecard

Friday night Eagles draft action with MACH scorecard


Friday night Eagles draft action with MACH scorecard


What terrible timing for our loyal readers and commenters— the EYE Comments section is still down, as is the case with the entire USA Today sports network. I don’t know what the cause of the problem can be, could it possibly be related to a COVID-19 lockdown or layoff at the “comments company”? Whatever, it’s a huge annoyance and it has hurt participation in the 14th annual MACH 10 Challenge.

But the show must go on.

We stay put and draft a developmental QB in the 2nd Round!! WHAAT??
Jalen Hurts, QB, Alabama/Oklahoma at overall #53… then it got a tad more real when we drafted Davion Taylor, a linebacker/safety hybrid out of Colorado, at overall #103. We will have more on these picks later…

With 4 more rounds to go, we have 3 (three) MACHers tied for the lead with two (2) correct predictions each—  GK BRIZER, AFRA and KENT PHIL.

Here are the living and breathing MACH entries to track as we head into the weekend rounds.

T-BONE (April 2, 12:00 PM):
Ruggs, Cleveland, Glasgow, J. Jefferson, Wallace, Runyan, Love, Cushenberry, Mack, Logan Wilson

SOUTH PHILLY BEN (April 5, 12:10 PM):
Hennessy, Simpson, Mims, Claypool, Edwards, Logan Wilson, Jaylon Johnson, Hand, Dillon, Stanley

DON PARDO (April 7, 12:00 PM):
J. Jefferson, Gay, Biadasz, Bradley, Guidry, Gibson, Duvernay, Claypool, Hightower, Brooks

LUPES (April 13, 12:00 PM):
Epenesa, Aiyuk, Madubuike, R. Hunt, Logan Wilson, G. Stone, J. Scott, Throckmorton, S. Charles, A. Robertson

~BROZ (April 17, 12:00 PM):
Ruggs, Lamb, J. Jefferson, Mims, Aiyuk, KJ Hill, Hamler, Duvernay, Reagor, Van Jefferson

FIELDSIE (April 18, 11:00 AM)
Mims, Reagor, Hamler, Duvernay, Terrell, Diggs, Chin, Ashtyn Davis, Hennessey, Bredeson

PALM FEATHERS (April 19, 12:10 PM):
Ruggs, Throckmorton, Murray, T. Lewis, Hightower, Wilson (OT), Runyan, Kennessey, Greenard, Bradley

AFRA (April 22, 11:45 AM):
Reagor, Aiyuk, Gandy-Goldon, Hamler, Hennessey, Wallace, Fuller, Dane Jackson, D.Taylor, Gay

BEANSTALK (Aprill 22, 12:00 PM):
Lamb, Jeudy, Queen, Ruggs, Mims, Winfield, L. Wilson, Tuszka, J. Jackson, Dugger

KENT PHIL (April 23, 2:00 AM):
Ruggs, J. Jefferson, Reagor, Hamler, Mims, Hennessey, J. Morgan, Wallace, D. Taylor, N. Harris

GK BRIZER (April 23, 5:28 PM):
J. Jefferson, Claypool, Reagor, Gibson, Biadasz, Anae, D.Taylor, Bredeson, Highsmith, A, Robertson

Some guys also submitted an optional list of 3 UDFA’s for tiebreaker purposes. I won’t get into that unless absolutely necessary, since the downfall of the Comments section has obscured the archival data. For the main entries above, I’m working off separate paper records which I transcribed before the Comments crashed.

So, this is how it shapes up for Friday night: on Day 2 of the draft, the Eagles have one scheduled pick in each of the two rounds, sitting at No. 53 and No. 103.

Time: 7:00 PM ET
Date: Friday, April 24
TV: ABC, ESPN, NFL Network
Online: FuboTV, SlingTV NFL Network, ESPN

Eagles Picks

  • Round 1No. 21 — Jalen Reagor
  • Round 2 — No. 53
  • Round 3 — No. 103 (compensatory)
  • Round 4 — No. 127
  • Round 4 — No. 145 (compensatory)
  • Round 4 — No. 146 (compensatory)
  • Round 5 — No. 168
  • Round 6 — No. 190


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