Jordan Love to the Packers makes no sense...for now

Jordan Love

Jordan Love to the Packers makes no sense...for now

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Jordan Love to the Packers makes no sense...for now


It happens to all great quarterbacks at some point in their career, they eventually get succeeded for their job.

Whether it actually works out for not, is another story all together.

Aaron Rodgers selected in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft to eventually replace Brett Favre in Green Bay.  Favre was 36-years old and coming off a Division title and first round playoff loss.

The Packers saw an opportunity to groom a quarterback for the future, and they took their shot. Three years later, Rodgers took over, and the rest is history, until last night.

Coming off a 13-3 season that saw the Packers fall one game short of the Super Bowl, Green Bay looked to build off a tremendous season and land some playmakers for Rodgers, instead, they drafted his successor.

It’s a gutsy move, but is it the right move right now?

Time will eventually tell, but in the immediate, it doesn’t make any sense.  Rodgers is 36-years old, and if you’ve seen the current trend in the NFL, it’s that quarterbacks even at 36, aren’t “over the hill” anymore.  This isn’t the 80’s or 90’s, this is a different generation where you have guys playing elite football into their late 30’s and early 40’s.

Rodgers, health and injury issues aside, could realistically play another four, five, or in Brady’s case, seven years.  It’s not really far fetched.  So why not get the man some offensive weapons, you know, like a receiver.  Because after Devante Adams, the next leading receiver was Allen Lazard with 35 catches.  Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, and Jimmy Graham had more catches, but they aren’t wide receivers- they play running back and tight end.

On top of that, this is a Packers defense that was absolutely shredded by the 49ers in the title game, opening up monster lanes for Raheem Mostert to run through.

In the end, this might work out, and maybe Green Bay is gonna do what so many football teams have failed to do, find a quarterback to succeed a Hall of Famer.  But given the situation, with Rodgers only being 36, there is also a chance that Love doesn’t play for one, two, three, or possibly four years.

Is Green Bay willing to take that risk?  Obviously.  Is Jordan Love willing to sit that long?  We shall see.  Five years from now, it could pay off or it could become another cautionary tale for teams drafting a quarterback.

Eventually we’ll find out the answers to all those questions, but in the immediate, this move makes no sense.


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