A note regarding current events

A note regarding current events

Barry Melrose Rocks

A note regarding current events


You may have noticed that a post – not a very good post – was here for about a day, then was taken down. I won’t rehash it because I hope not many people saw it. A public relations team asked us to take it down, and we gladly scrubbed it from the site.

The post was satirical, and in the context of Barry Melrose Rocks, I think it would have been easily understood to be as much, however the problem came when the post found it’s way to search engines under the “news” searches, where the PR team, and even the subject of the post, found it and weren’t happy. I’m not upset to have it taken down, but I commend the PR team for doing a good job for finding this easily misconstrued piece of internet trash and having it resolved.

The mistake was entirely my own. Even after writing on the internet for well over a decade, sometimes I believe that what I write isn’t read by anyone after I’m done with it, but this post reminded me that this site is part of a network, and what I write may ultimately represent a broader group of people. I need to take some things a bit more seriously, particularly in this fraught moment in world history, no doubt part of the reason PR teams are extra vigilant.

My goal, as it always should have been, is to take my responsibility not only to this site, but the network it represents, more seriously. If and when satire reappears on this site, I will make sure that it is clearly that. I hope that this incident, and the abundance of free time we all have right now, helps to make this site better.

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