Carson Wentz has 'trust' in Eagles for drafting QB Jalen Hurts

Carson Wentz has 'trust' in Eagles for drafting QB Jalen Hurts


Carson Wentz has 'trust' in Eagles for drafting QB Jalen Hurts


The Eagles put their trust in Carson Wentz when they selected him with the second overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft, and they continue to stick by him.

Wentz, however, has suffered a wealth of injuries throughout his career thus far, and has yet to complete a full campaign without missing action.

Let’s not forget, though, that Wentz was remarkable last season. The team’s 9-7 record was enough to win the division title, but what was really impressive was how Wentz made plays with arguably the league’s worst receiving corps.

And now he enters the 2020 season healthy, with a bit more weapons around him. However, the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts in the second round of the draft, which has left some to wonder how Wentz feels about the added pressure on him.

He’s apparently OK with the move, though, saying that he trusts their decision to draft Hurts, in speaking to reporters this week.

I trust their decision,” Wentz said via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “I trust Howie and the rest of the staff to make the best decision for the team.”

He continued:

“I think the team showed their investment in me last year, and I have nothing but confidence and faith in them and they have nothing but confidence and faith in me, so I think it’s all about just strengthening that position and this group that we have,” Wentz said. “If I were to start questioning Howie and the management now, I’d really be questioning myself because when I signed the deal I did it was my way of showing I trust and believe in what we’re doing in Philly and they trust and believe in me.”

He’s saying all the right things, but we wonder if the added pressure will have an impact on him during various moments of games. We’ll see.

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