Justice Is Drafting, Part II

Justice Is Drafting, Part II


Justice Is Drafting, Part II


I don’t know who came up with this but they’re a genius.  It feels like the draft was months ago instead of weeks.  I have to admit that I was disappointed when the Chargers passed on Simmons.  I have no idea if he really is that good by the way.  I just read all the same stuff you do and assumed that if Tua was gone we would wait until the second round to draft a QB.  But one thing Telesco showed when he took Bosa is that he zeroes in on a guy even if he doesn’t let the outside world know.  Telesco said when he was hired that he’s too Catholic to lie and so I believe him when he says he’d have taken Tua if Herbert had gone to Miami.  Did he prefer one QB to the other?  It seems like Tua’s skillset is above and beyond Herbert’s but his health issues can’t be ignored.  Who am I kidding, it’s not like we had a chance to draft him anyway.

But like Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf, Herbert and Tua will be linked,  at least by Charger fans.  It seems like with the hiring of Pep Hamilon, the Chargers are taking development of Herbert seriously.  Tyrod Talylor can start the season if there is a season.  Again, the NFL is so stubborn that I think they will say they are playing this year even if it seems impossible.  They’re having the schedule release special tomorrow regardless.  This was the highest-rated draft ever, so why not keep the programming coming?  Beyond drafting our quarterback of the future, the LB from Oklahoma seems like a star in the making.  The RB from UCLA is interesting since we already having Jackson backing up Ekeler.  However, Jackson hasn’t proven he can stay healthy.

Speaking of health, Hunter Henry claims he was close to signing an extension before the world got turned all upside down.  After getting hurt in the opener, he came back strong last season.  If he can stay on the field this season he deserves to be locked up long term.

I was watching some recently-cleaned up footage of the Justice Is Coming House Band at the 1982 US Festival when I spotted this guy.  I mean we were coming off two straight trips to the AFC Championship game, so he could Bolt Up with pride.  I saw this week that Frank Reich commented that Rivers won’t need to throw so much now that he’s in Indy.  He’s right that the Colts have a better line than ours, but Reich had Phil throwing all the time in 2014 when he was the OC for the Chargers.  Our line still seems to be a little suspect.  I kept hearing about Jason Peters, but nothing materialized.  Tevi, Scott, etc. cannot see the field too much.  We don’t want our nice QB getting messed up. 

Anyway, I’ll check in after the schedule comes out tomorrow.  Be safe out there.



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