6 Different Sports To Try If You Want to Get Fit and Healthy

6 Different Sports To Try If You Want to Get Fit and Healthy

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6 Different Sports To Try If You Want to Get Fit and Healthy


Working out feels like hard work, with us losing motivation or feeling pooped while exercising! That’s where sports come along, which is the optimum way to improve one’s physical health. Sports are fun to do with others and motivate you more to train harder, reaping similar benefits as workouts in the gym.

But what sports should you try to get even fitter and healthier? Read on as I show you six different sports that are both amusing and with various advantages to offer.

Six Awesome Sports For Improved Health and Fitness

Having a sport and consistently training has amazing health benefits, from the mind down to the body. It reduces stress and anxiety while burning fat to lose and maintain optimum weight! If you’re still trying to figure out what sport to try, here are some fun options to do on your own, with loved ones or a community team: 


1. Tennis 

Aug 12, 2019; Mason, OH, USA; Richard Gasquet (FRA) serves against Andy Murray (GBR) during the Western and Southern Open tennis tournament at Lindner Family Tennis Center. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


Tennis is an amazing way to build your fitness, as it requires one to combine power and speed, along with quick reflexes and endurance. It works your major muscle group and cardiovascular system, building strength while burning tons of calories and fat.

The sport is fun and simple to follow since you only need proper sports attire, a racket, and a tennis ball. Find a partner to workout with and head on to your nearest park or tennis court to practice!


2. Boxing


Boxing is actually one of the healthiest sports and is becoming an increasingly popular method to stay fit.

This is because boxing helps improve your strength, balance, posture, alertness, as well as endurance, and coordination. It can really build your muscles and have you learn a bit of self-defense to use during emergencies.

You can find boxing classes online or in the gym, either going one-on-one or with experienced trainers!


3. Running

Feb 14, 2020; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Texas Rangers players jog during a spring training workout at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


For those who want to get even fitter at lower costs, then you’ll want to go running. It’s the simplest and cheapest sport to do leisurely, as well as one of the best calorie burners. On average, a 160-pound individual can burn up to 700 calories in just an hour of running!

Besides this, it works your lower muscles as it burns fat, increasing your endurance and confidence. All you need to do is to lace up those running shoes and head on out for a run around your neighborhood to reap amazing health benefits!


4. Yoga and Pilates 


Yoga and Pilates aren’t just about sitting pretty and breathing! There is a lot of complex yet relaxing movements that help with your metabolism and flexibility while improving one’s energy, vitality, and respiration. You can do it in the comforts of your home with just a mat and a good online program by your side. 


5. Swimming

Jul 3, 2016; Omaha, NE, USA; Connor Jaeger during the men’;s 1500 meter finals in the U.S. Olympic swimming team trials at CenturyLink Center. Mandatory Credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports


Swimming is an awesome way to get fit without putting the body under too much pressure. Compared to sports that put a ton of strain on the joints, swimming is a low-stress activity that’s beneficial for the heart. 

Just because it doesn’t seem like you burn as much muscle, it’s a good workout that has you build strength while losing weight. Plus, it’s a great option for those who live in hotter climates and looking for a way to stay cool, too. 


6. Gel Blaster 


A gel blaster sport is fairly new and similar to paintball, but using softer gel blaster ammo. These are all toy guns that use super water-absorbent polymer so it doesn’t hurt at all!

It can provide amazing benefits on the body as you learn different movements, from trolling, running, dodging, hiding, jumping, ducking, and even more! This helps with your cardiovascular health AND burn more calories to lower weight and build a bit of muscle.

Besides this, it helps with your mind, improving your coordination skills, and loosening you up to feel less stress. And finally, because you’ll be playing with your loved ones, it can boost your social skills!

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking for a new sport to try for health and fitness, you’ll be surprised with the many options to choose from! There’s no reason NOT to get fitter, so pick a sport and see which one is the most enjoyable for you. In just a few weeks of consistency and proper form, you’ll be able to reap a ton of health benefits without it feeling like work.

Hopefully, this article on the different sports to try for getting fit helped you out! Whether it’s for you or a loved one, try any of these sports for fun and better health today.

Do you have any questions or want to share your experiences playing any of these sports, share it in the comments section below, all your thoughts are much appreciated!

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