Last Minute Money in the Bank Prediction

Last Minute Money in the Bank Prediction

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Last Minute Money in the Bank Prediction


We all know the story by now, this is an unprecedented and unpredictable year for Money in the Bank.

It’s hard to determine just who would benefit most in a fight through corporate offices to reach the briefcase hanging 15 feet above the ring on the top of the room.

But, that’s why we’re here!

So here are the six competitors ranked in the likelihood that they will be the one to pull down the elusive briefcase.


Nothing would be more disappointing than seeing Corbin with the briefcase again. Not to say that he wouldn’t deserve it (because he does) it just doesn’t make sense. He has already won the Money in the Bank match once and being Mr. Money in the Bank wouldn’t work too well with the King gimmick.


I like Rey, but I’m disappointed he is in this match let alone possibly winning it. Mysterio is on the last leg of his career and I am a proponent of newer guys cashing in the briefcase for a much-needed boost.

4 – OTIS

Otis has potential. He has the size, strength and charisma to be a star in this business, but not now. It would worry me that they put too much on him too soon. Someday, not today though.


This is when we start to get into legitimate possible winners. Bryan started his assent to the top of the card with a 2011 Money in the Bank win. He has been a bit stagnant on SmackDown lately and another cash-in might be needed to get back his deserved spotlight.


There’s no more Club around, AJ is on his own. Simply put, Raw needs stars so it would make sense for someone like AJ to get right back to the top as quick as possible, but he really wouldn’t need it.


This is the best case scenario, and we would have two men to thank for this to happen…Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar! Why? Those are the last two Money in the Bank winners. Basically, the opposite of what the winner should be. Strowman was already cemented as a main eventer and Lesnar will go into the Hall of Fame when he wants to. To get the reputation of a career making moment back into the briefcase, Black needs to win!


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