Best Canadian MMA Fighters

Best Canadian MMA Fighters


Best Canadian MMA Fighters


Over decades when martial arts became mainstream from Asia to the US, and Canada the scenario has changed drastically. Today, Canada is an alluring hotbed for MMA, mixed martial arts, a derived form of martial art. It hosts elite-category mixed martial arts and is the owner of many great fighters and countless fights of all levels throughout these years. That is to say, decades have passed and hotspots for MMA have shifted continents.

Growth in Popularity of MMA

Everybody knows today that MMA is extremely popular even so much that developing nations with a slow inclination towards athletes and sports have begun to take notice. They are going out of their countries to participate in foreign grounds. MMA is widely popular among fans of gambling and sports betting. Perhaps, after online boxing betting, betting on MMA fights is the 2nd love. Many MMA fighters often undergo self-training at home and compete in online broadcasts organized by various gambling companies and they are paid for the same. Even the best online casinos in Canada have a section for betting on MMA fights. Therefore, if you are into these sites or willing to try your luck, you must know more about the fighters.

It is all about knowing the tips and tricks. The more you know the two fighters, their strengths, and weaknesses the more you can bet on each punch, each knockout, each kick, and so on. Finding competitive MMA odds providing the betting site is easy, but knowing where and how much to risk is not. This is why people seek help from experts.

Best MMA Fighters of All Time

We list here a few top-level Canadian MMA fighters of all time. The list is in no specific order, just a compilation of the all-time best performers. MMA betting Canada saw a surge in promising fighters and die-hard fans who would place any wager on their favorite stars.

1. Georges St Pierre (26-2)

Nov 4, 2017; New York, NY, USA; Georges St-Pierre (blue gloves) fights Michael Bisping (red gloves) during UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This fighter is now 38 years old and hails from Montreal. He is known to be the greatest of all MMA Canadian contenders far and away. This means he is perhaps the top candidate for the money for betting big. In his career, he has been in 28 fights and has done all types and formats to this day. In his career, he managed to make 10 consecutive defenses in the 170lbs category and was the receiver of a welterweight championship belt. GSP, as he is known in short, was awarded this belt for a decade and that made him world-famous, at least in the betting circle and die-hard fans of MMA fighting.

2. Rory McDonald (21-6-1)

Another gentleman and former holder of the welterweight championship, Rory is also one of the greatest MMA fighters Canada has ever seen. He shot into fame and UFC prospect some 10 years ago and became the official successor to GSP. Over his entire career, he made several great scenic fights, big names, and legendary performances. He has recorded big wins over Nate Diaz, Tyron, Douglas, and many more. Known as the “The Red King” his legacy continued for over 30 years and he is truly one of the greatest in Canada also, for MMA’s legacy and history in general.

3. Carlos Newton (16-14)

In this list, Newton cannot be ignored for any reason so far. His record is not that glorious like the above two but this MMA fighter was a leader/pioneer and went through a lot to promote MMA in Canada. His career began in 1996 when Canada just started to notice this new format. Then, he captured the lightweight category from UFC; beat some of the best martial arts fighters in the world, of his era. Carlos won his most coveted title in 2001 when he beat Pat Miletich. And that’s how he found his name in Canadian MMA history forever. He was always a top choice for MMA betting Canada and fans alike in the gambling industry.

4. TJ Grant (21-5)

He contended in the UFC lightweight category and went through a tragic and sad story to become one of the greatest of Canada. Even if he was ignored and had a lot of bad luck, won, and lost three fights each, he had to go to 155 lbs and had to start all over again. After suffering a concussion in 2013, he was left unfit for any more fights and this was a sad end to a promising career full of tremendous potential. His famous fight was when he did a highlight-reel knockout with his challenger Gray Maynard. His rising through the ranks and representing the nation was always a spectacular event.

Best Canadian MMA Fighters of Present Era

In 2019 when a list of the top MMA fighters of Canada was compiled, it was a recent list. This ranking includes the best people you can place bets on and fights that you simply cannot miss.

1. Mitch “Danger Zone” Clark (11-5-0)

Sep 9, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Mitch Clarke (red gloves) fights against Alex White (blue gloves) during UFC 215 at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

He had his most recent fight in 2017 and is the current super contender form the Canada MMA club. He was born in 1985 and is older. It started with Lightweight for Ultimate Fighting and then soon moved to higher championships. MMA betting Canada has found their next love in this contender and he makes people win their bets most of the time. Currently, though, he is the head coach of Complete Fitness & Martial Arts studio in St Albert, Canada.

2. Smealinho “The Prince” Rama (11-5-1)

In MMA history, he began his career in 2015, very recently and had his most recent fight in 2018, like two years ago. Born in 1992 of April, he is an MMA fighter with Greek-Canadian descent. Competing in the lightweight category of the Professional Fighter League, he soon found promotion and went to Heavyweight Championships. Since 2012, he has been active and has even formerly competed for the MFC, truly a rising legend from Canada and a name in the list of current record makers.

3. Jesse “Water” Bongfeldt (23-7-1)

Though he began his career exactly a decade ago, in 2009, his most recent fight was in 2019, just last year. He is known as a top middleweight (185 lbs club) MMA fighter from Canadian soil (Kenora) who is reaching almost 40 years now. Some of the best fights were recorded in 2004 that included knockout wins against Paulo. Most of his fight history includes TKO and also wins by submission.

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