On The Air In Cincinnati?

On The Air In Cincinnati?


On The Air In Cincinnati?


Yeah this was from the Hulu Fyre Fest documentary.  When they interviewed the people getting off the plane, I stopped the video to double check what I thought I saw.  It’s always fun to see little Charger east eggs in things.  So we know that the Bolts are supposed to open up against the Bengals and Joe Burrow, but it’s still hard for me to imagine a season with COVID still running rampant.  You’re allowed to have political opinions different than mine, by the way, but if you don’t think this virus is real or want to send me Tweets from Larry The Cable Guy or James Woods…I just can’t.

In lighter news, I spotted this in the ABC tribute to Garry Marshall.  It’s not far off from the uniforms we’ve got now, huh?  Now that the schedule has been unveiled, I can admit that I probably won’t get to a game this season.  The Buffalo game is over Thanksgiving weekend and the Miami game is right after my daughter’s 14th birthday.  I would try for the game in Vegas, but the tickets appear to be insanely priced.  Apparently the Traitors sold all their PSL’s or something.  They still suck.

The season might be played without fans in the stands anyway.  Yes, haters can cue up all their Chargers jokes.  It will be interesting if the season goes off as planned to see how Herbert’s development is affected.  The offensive line is still a concern, obviously.  I don’t know how much Jason Peters has left but I am sure it’s more than Tevi and Scott ever had to begin with.  Melvin Gordon can’t shut the fuck up about the Chargers, apparently.  I am pushing the theory that Eric Weddle took all his hate towards the team and created a host of himself, a la Westworld.  There is really no other explanation.  Gordon said all the right things, until he didn’t.  I wanted the Bolts to sign him last summer, but his shit talking only confirms that Tom Telesco made the right call.  They made him a great offer and he held out.  When he got back he got more meaningful reps than any other team would give him.  Ekeler may not be an every down back, but I wouldn’t put it past him.  Plus, there is no way we could have let him go.  Next year the same thing may be said for Hunter Henry, not to mention Bosa.  As we head into Memorial Day weekend, I leave you with a video my buddy Bam Bam sent to me a few weeks back.

Be safe, Bolt Fam.



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