WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/22): Universal Title Match Announced For 'Backlash,' Champion Vs. Champion Match, And More

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/22): Universal Title Match Announced For 'Backlash,' Champion Vs. Champion Match, And More

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/22): Universal Title Match Announced For 'Backlash,' Champion Vs. Champion Match, And More


This episode of Friday Night SmackDown took place once again at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida. The matches and segments advertised for the show were the NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte taking on the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley, two Intercontinental Championship tournament matches and a mix tag match involving Otis and Mandy facing off against Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville.

John Morrison and The Miz open the show with The Dirt Sheet. Miz says Braun Strowman should’ve never been competing for the Universal title at WrestleMania. They introduce puppets named Shiloh, Mandyquin Rose and Dookie that were rejected puppets for Bray Wyatt’s Fire Fly Fun House as they make fun of Braun. Braun Strowman came out and say they’re show is not bad. Miz tells Braun that Bray is not done with him. John tells Braun that he got lucky pinning them last week and said that Miz is a better man than him and will prove it. Braun accepts the challenge and demands a referee for the match to happen right there.

Braun Strowman Defeated The Miz

John Morrison challenges Braun to a handicap match at Backlash against him and Miz for the Universal Championship. Braun accepts.

AJ Styles Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura To Advance To The 2nd Round Of The Intercontinental Championship Tournament

Bayley and Sasha talk backstage. Bayley tells Sasha to stay backstage during her match against Charlotte later on in the show. She said she wants to prove to everyone and Charlotte why she is the champion.

Bayley Defeated Charlotte Flair

Bayley and Sasha celebrate their victory backstage. Bayley teases Sasha asking if Sasha didn’t think she could beat Charlotte on her own. They hug and continue gloating about the win.

Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler Defeated Otis and Mandy Rose

Jeff Hardy cuts a promo backstage talking about how much the Intercontinental title means to him. He says it’s the first singles title he ever won. He says his blaze of glory starts with going through Sheamus.

The Forgotten Sons cut a promo talking about fighting for their country and how they had a tough time coming back from it. They say it;s time for people to get blood on their hands besides their blood on everyone else’s hands.

Renee Young interview Miz and Morrison. She asked if the two of them fighting Braun at Backlash will be the difference maker. They say it definitely will and they will win the Universal title from Braun.

Jeff Hardy Defeated Sheamus To Advance In The Intercontinental Championship Tournament

The show ended with Hardy celebrating his win and Sheamus looking furious in the ring.

Overall Opinion: This was another lackluster show. Both IC title tournament matches were solid as well as the Bayley and Charlotte Flair match. I am not a big fan of having Morrison and Miz be in this feud with Braun Strowman for the title but I’m glad they’re not rushing right into a match with him and The Fiend and they are saving that for a later date. There were more matches than there were segments I would’ve loved to see a Otis and Mandy segment before their match plus a Dolph and Sonya segment as well.




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