WWE Monday Night Raw Results (5/25): #1 Contender For Women's Title Revealed, New Champion Crowned, And More

WWE Monday Night Raw Results (5/25): #1 Contender For Women's Title Revealed, New Champion Crowned, And More

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WWE Monday Night Raw Results (5/25): #1 Contender For Women's Title Revealed, New Champion Crowned, And More


This edition of Monday Night Raw took place once again at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando Florida. Advertised matches for the night included a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for the Raw Women’s Championship with Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax and Natalya competing and the United States Championship is on the line as Andrade defended against Apollo Crews.

The show opens with shots of NXT and trainee’s from the Performance Center in attendance.

Kevin Owens appeared in the ring for the Kevin Owens Show. He welcomes everyone to the show. He brings the Raw Women’s Champion Asuka out as his guest. She’s chanting for Becky as she entered the ring. He congratulated Asuka on winning the title. They talk about Nia attacking her friend Kairi Sane until Charlotte Flair interrupts. Charlotte reminds Asuka that she has never beaten her. Natalya came out, apologizing to Kevin Owens for destroying his set last week. Charlotte tells Natalya that she is irrelevant and was sucking up to Kevin Owens. Nia Jax came out, claiming she will be the next Raw Women’s Champion and tells Charlotte and Natalya to get ready for their defeat. Nia reminds Asuka about attacking Kairi. Asuka nails Nia with a back elbow. Natalya and Charlotte brawl. Nia escapes from Asuka.

Kayla Braxton interviews Apollo Crews. He says tonight is going to be the greatest night of his career because he will become the United States Champion.

Apollo Crews Defeated Andrade To Become The New United States Champion

Charly Caruso interviewed Apollo Crews in the ring. He says that people have laughed in his face when he said he was going to become a champion. He says he could finally say in front of the whole world that he is the new United States Champion.

Seth Rollins cuts a video promo saying that he has felt better than he’s ever been thanks to Rey Mysterio as he has Rey’s mask in his hand. Seth says Rey was chosen to be sacrificed. He says his sacrificed allowed them to move forward into the future by having Austin Theory as a part of his group. Murphy admits he needed Seth to guide him. Austin says he thought he had friends until they betrayed him but then Seth showed him the way last week. Seth says they will show Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black what happens when they stand in there way.

Charly Caruso interviewed Charlotte Flair. She claimed to be the most prolific champion in history. Asuka interrupted, dancing in front of her. She tells Charlotte that red isn’t her color.

The Iconics come out to the ring. Peyton apologizes to Billie for losing last week but then Billie apologizes for slapping her last week. Peyton claims they were overlooked and how they should still be the tag team champions. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross came out, saying that they had every opportunity in the world and blew it. They prevent Nikki for talking and tells her to be grateful. Nikki talks about coming to WWE with nothing and nobody until Alexa came along. Nikki says Alexa kept her focus and from bouncing off the walls. The Iconics attack Bliss and Nikki. They send Alexa into the steel post and double team Nikki.

Lana confronted MVP backstage, telling him that they need to talk. MVP says no they don’t.

MVP introduced everyone to the VIP Lounge. He welcomed the Performance Center trainees in attendance as well. He brought out his guest, the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew clears MVP’s stuff out of the ring and asks where Bobby is. MVP says Bobby won’t attack him and that he will save that at Backlash. MVP talks about Drew refusing help from MVP. He says he will be the one responsible for Drew losing the title. Drew says he doesn’t need anybody speaking for him and nobody like MVP kissing his ass. He says Bobby can take that title from his cold dead hands. MVP says that could be arranged. Bobby Lashley came out but then Drew takes MVP out with a Claymore Kick. Lashley gets MVP out of the ring and away from Drew.

Charly Caruso tried to interview Natalya until she got a call from her husband TJ. She tells TJ that she already apologized to Kevin and that she can’t talk right now. When she goes back for the interview, Charly says that they ran out of time.

Kevin Owens came out for his match until Angel Garza attacked Kevin’s knee from behind. Owens told the referee to ring the bell and he does.

Angel Garza Defeated Kevin Owens

Garza attacked Owens’ knee even more after the match.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders battle in golf.

Lana confronted MVP and Lashley. Lana mocks MVP for getting Claymore Kicked by McIntyre and offered him a bag of ice. MVP said him and Lashley had to send a message to McIntyre and she needs to worry about her husbands career.

Austin Theory and Murphy Defeated Aleister Black And Humberto Carrillo

They attack Black and Humberto after the match. They have Humberto by the steel steps. Seth tells Black to put down the chair or else he will take Humberto’s eye out like Rey Mysterio. Black dropped the chair. Seth tells Black to not make him make a sacrifice like with Rey Mysterio. They leave.

Edge cuts a video promo, talking about being retired for over 3,000 days and now realizes he has to prove to himself. He says Randy questioned his wrestling abilities. He says he has gone toe to toe with some of the greatest performers in the industry, mentioning Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Owen Hart and British Bulldog. He says he will dig to the very depths of his soul to beat Randy Orton at Backlash.

Asuka came out to join the commentary team.

The Viking Raiders claim they let the Street Profits win golf. The Street Profits tell them to bring it in the next challenge. The Viking Raiders asked them if they know how to bowl. MVP and Lashley confront them, saying they would waste their talent bowling than show what they are made of the ring. The Street Profits asks if they have a problem, MVP tells them they don’t respect clowns. The Profits mock him for getting the Claymore Kick from McIntyre. MVP challenges them to a tag match against him and Bobby Lashley for later on in the night.

Nia Jax Defeated Charlotte Flair and Natalya To Become #1 Contender For The Raw Women’s Championship

Kayla Braxton interviewed Drew McIntyre. Kayla asked if he was aware that the Street Profits are facing MVP and Bobby Lashley later on. He said he wasn’t aware but he forgot something in his locker room and he doesn’t believe he’ll find it until the tag match is over.

R Truth cuts a promo from his Twitter saying that the 24/7 Champion is not Tom Brady but Rob Gronkowski. He said he is coming for him.

Rob Gronkowski cuts a video promo saying that 24/7 Gronk is the future. He says the title stays with him and he’s got eyes on the back of his head.

Kayla Braxton asks MVP why he would challenge The Street Profits later on that night.

Ric Flair cuts a video promo talking about Edge vs. Randy Orton as it is billed as the greatest match of all time. He says Randy Orton is the greatest wrestler today and will beat Edge at Backlash.

Liv Morgan cut a video promo talking about floating around in life. She said she found herself in the WWE. She says she has found who she has meant to be and is living her best life.

Tom Phillips announces that next week Seth Rollins will face Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio will have his retirement ceremony as well.

Bobby Lashley and MVP Defeated The Street Profits

Lashley still had Ford in a full nelson until Drew McIntyre came out. The two of them brawl in the ring. Two Performance Center trainees try to break it up but Drew knocks them out. Lashley speared him. They continued fighting with trainees trying to separate them. The show ended with the trainees separating Drew and Bobby.

Overall Opinion: This was a much better Raw to sit through. The Performance Center trainees/NXT stars being a part of the audience should’ve been done a long time ago but I’m glad they’re finally doing it. It added to the show. There were a lot more promos than matches here with Edge’s promo being the best one. He continues to not disappoint when it comes to his promo work.

The match of the night I thought was the triple threat match between Charlotte, Nia and Natalya. Nia winning made the most sense since they were already building her to feuding with Asuka for the title plus the match itself worked really well with those three.

Apollo Crews winning the United States title was a shock and I thought it was a great shock. I hope they do something worth while with his title run and the match itself was probably the second best match here.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders golf segments were throughly entertaining as well.

I’m also glad Garza got a big win over Kevin Owens.

The weakest segment would probably have to be the Iconics/Nikki Cross part. While Nikki cut a passionate promo, she was saying the same story as a lot of wrestlers do with saying they have been outsiders, coming to this country with nothing and nobody.

The weakest match was probably the main event tag match. I just wasn’t feeling it as a Raw main event. It only got somewhat interesting after the match with Drew.






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