Tweet of the Moment

Tweet of the Moment

Barry Melrose Rocks

Tweet of the Moment


OK, maybe I’m just old and not in tune with video games, and I am very sure I’ve never seen anything on Twitch, but do you think this tweet could have been clearer? I thought we were advertising for the pending playoff relaunch. like I had missed an announcement that HOLY CRAP HOCKEY IS BACK ALREADY RIGHT NOW LET’S GO. But alas, just Twitch.

Maybe in the context of the entire Avs Twitter feed, it would have been more easily surmised. Now is the time to admit that I am not Colorado’s most dedicated follower


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I gotta admit, as cynical as I can get about the Chargers that I was glued to my TV at 10:00 PM like everyone else.  One of the things (…)

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