Vaping and Sports: How it is Connected Among Athletes

Vaping and Sports: How it is Connected Among Athletes

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Vaping and Sports: How it is Connected Among Athletes


Sports play an essential role in the modern world. People from children to older men do particular sport during their lives. Someone prefers jogging each morning; someone plays tennis on weekends, someone rides a horse at the first opportunity.

On the one hand, a healthy lifestyle and exercise are gaining popularity among the population nowadays, which makes people more concerned about their health and aims at the decline of both serious illnesses rate and death toll.

On the other hand, athletes are challenged with temptations of the modern world. Hookah, cocktail at the parties, best dab pen, free access to many of the entertainment that was under prohibition in the past – all these distracts athletes from their path.

Athletic Performance and Vaping

This question has been hotly debated about teenage vaping. Today it is usual to see a school or college student with a Juul pod or even wax vape pen out in the town. For sure, the authorities try to prevent young people from vaping, but they have started active measures too late.

Vaping being extremely popular these days influences our bodies’ function, leading to health problems and making our lives more complicated. The number of coaches at schools and universities in the country was asked about the influence of vaping on their athletes.

People usually see athletes as those who take care of their bodies. However, vaping makes the process of getting fit too complicated. First off, it influences respiratory and cardiovascular systems, making it difficult to train and change the body in a quality manner.

The examples of vaping harmful impact are the swimmers who are unable to perform as well as before because they become short of breath, develop various types of respiratory illnesses. It becomes more difficult for them to cope with other ills. Their comments can also be applied to athletes of different ages.

Now both federal and local authorities offer various recovery programs that help to quit vaping. Some of the programs are anonymous and free of charge, which allows a person to make the first step in case he or she is afraid to be judged or have opportunities to pay for the recovery.

New Vaping Challenges for Athletes

As vaping has become an excellent novelty for the world of vicious habits, the appearance of the dab vape pen and wax vaporizer has become a new page for vaping activity. The devices are designed based on vape pens and functions almost in the same way. The only difference is the substance that you put in it. While a more traditional way is to vape either e-liquid or dry herbs, these devices offer more narrow opportunities.

A dab pen is a device that fits for dabs consumption only. Dabs are particular substances that consist of tiny concentrated THC. Using the dab, you do not need a separate tank for it; you place the substance directly onto the coil so that it gets onto a wick after being melted, and then you can inhale the dab. Wax dab pen is another similar device used for concentrate. The battery is usually attached to the atomizer, where wax is transformed into vapor.

These new devices are quite hazardous for society in terms of the spread of cannabis and other drugs’ consumption. When we talk separately about people in sports, it causes even more harm because the body of an athlete is not usually spoiled with harmful substances. When athletes face the best wax pens, it is more difficult for them to avoid obsession. In addition, harmful toxins from the pen, in combination with grueling workouts, exhaust the body much quicker.

To sum up, there is no strict ban on nicotine consumption within the athletes, but all the people who are seriously thinking of bettering their performance avoid nicotine as well as alcohol and other similar substances. The main point is that toxins tangle the body’s oxygen movement, which makes the realization of exercises more complicated. Moreover, the immune system (as well as others) suffers from vaping (the tolerance to certain diseases gets lower), which makes active participation in sports events impossible. Therefore, vaping is highly non-recommended among athletes, even though there exist nicotine-free liquids.


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