English Premier League to resume June 17

English Premier League to resume June 17


English Premier League to resume June 17


According to Callum Keown of Market Watch on Friday, the English Premier League is set to resume its 2019-20 regular season on June 17. The league has not been in action since March 9. In the final game before the coronavirus pause. Leicester defeated Aston Villa 4-0.

The remainder of the English Premier League games will have no spectators. Normally, the average attendance for an EPL game is 39, 312.

Like Serie A in Italy, which is also continuing in June, all 20 English Premier League teams play 38 games. At the time of the coronavirus pause, all teams had played between 28 and 29 games.

Liverpool has been by far the most dominant team in the English Premier League team this season. With a record of 27 wins, one loss, and one draw, they have 82 points. Just how dominant has Liverpool been? They currently have 25 more points than second-place Manchester City.

With the gigantic point separation between the first and second place teams in England’s top soccer league, one might question why those in charge in English professional soccer are even finishing the season at all. Remember, the English Premier League, unlike North American sports leagues, does not have a playoff.

However one major reason for the continuation is because teams are still battling for three more spots in the Champions League. Liverpool is a slam dunk for the 2020-21 Champions League. There are also two spots up for grabs in the Europa League.

At this time, nine teams in the English Premier League are above .500. Manchester City has a record of 18 wins, 7 losses, and three draws. They are followed by Leicester City (16 wins, eight losses and five draws for 53 points), Chelsea (14 wins, nine losses and six draws for 48 points), Manchester City (12 wins, eight losses and nine draws, for 45 points), Wolverhampton (10 wins, six losses and 13 draws, for 43 points), Sheffield United (11 wins, seven losses, and 10 draws for 43 points), Tottenham Hotspur (11 wins, 10 losses and eight draws for 41 points) and Arsenal (nine wins, six losses and 13 draws for 40 points).

Jamie Vardy of Leicester City currently leads the English Premier League with 19 goals. Liverpool’s top scorer has been Mohamed Salah with 16 goals. On June 17, Aston Villa plays Sheffield United, and Arsenal plays Manchester City.  Despite being second in the English Premier League, Manchester City is suspended from Champions League qualifying for violating the UEFA financial fair play regulations.

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