The Pohlads are... not cheap?

The Pohlads are... not cheap?


The Pohlads are... not cheap?


It is becoming increasingly clear that many people throughout baseball, both fans and players, are concerned about the well being of minor league and developmental players. There has been a push to increase the near minimum wage pay of these players, which MLB finally said they would do.

And then they voted to contract their entire Minor League system. Additionally, some teams, the Oakland A’s stand out, have informed their minor leaguers that they will not be paid after June 1st. Many teams have promised to pay their players through the summer, but then made cuts to the roster on the order of 50 players.

The Minnesota Twins, however, announced that they will keep all players presently on the roster on their payroll. It’s undoubtedly the right thing to do, and it’s a ray of light when we in Minnesota need any rays of light.

It’s also a touch out of character for the Twins as an organization in the best possible way. Typically, they follow the pack and don’t make waves within the league on their own volition. This time, the Twins and their supposedly small payroll were the first team to promise not only to pay their players, but also to maintain an outsized payroll.

Bravo, and thanks for being bold in this instance.


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