Why Vaping is Better for Athletes?

Why Vaping is Better for Athletes?

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Why Vaping is Better for Athletes?


For any professional athlete, avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking is a must. With the introduction of the e-cigarette, the smoking trend has taken a new direction.

Several studies have proven the ill effects of tobacco smoking, but vaping is a different case. People struggling with smoking addictions are recommended e-cigarettes or vaping their smoking urge.

Though most athletes don’t smoke, they do ingest nicotine rich products. Products like e-cigarettes have shown to have positive effects on athletic performance.

Vaping has become popular amongst professional athletes because of its benefits. Apart from its benefits, it is also very easy to shop vape products online.

The growing trend amongst athletes

Amongst the millions of vape users, athletes are the top. This popularity is due to the belief that e-cigarettes do not harm one’s body or performance in any way.

A 2017 report looked at competitors who use e-cigarettes and discovered it wasn’t simply baseball players (known for their utilization of biting tobacco). Surprisingly e-cigarettes are also used by football, ice hockey, wrestling, vaulting, and skiing players as well.

Several athletes used for the report admitted to using these products to improve their performance. Though the ergogenic impacts might be exaggerated, it hasn’t prevented athletic competitors from utilizing e-cigarettes for this reason.

Several studies have shown conflicting results on the effects of vaping. Despite this, athletes shop vape products and smoke them at regular intervals.

Vaping and Athletic Performance

It is true that even the best unit framework vape or cigarette doesn’t ensure that you would not have medical issues. Although, vaping may likewise have some beneficial outcomes on your sports performance.

The body will take time to adjust to the nicotine. After that, it needs to adjust to the complex and rigorous training and competition.

What benefits do athletes get when they Shop vape products?

  • Increase in hemoglobin

Liquid nicotine-rich vape pods increase the hemoglobin in the body. This has been found to be beneficial for athletes. The endurance capacity of the body shoots up, making training more intense. 

  • Weight loss

Lower weight also increases the capacity to handle endurance sports. Though smoking stimulates weight loss, studies have shown smokers ingest more calories a day.

  • Better focus

There also studies claiming that vaping can lead to better concentration and focus. This is the main reason why athletes vape.

Even the World Anti-Doping Agency has not banned nicotine. This gives an official stamp on the fact that nicotine cannot harm athletes’ performance.

Things to be noted

While indulging in vaping is good for athletes, it is important to be wary of its harmful side effects. Overindulgence can seriously hamper performance, and lead to avoidable health risks. These risks include respiratory problems, muscle cramps, digestive problems, etc.

Therefore, as the saying goes, too much of something is not good. The same goes for vaping as well!


When you shop for vape products, you will find several non-nicotine vape pods and liquids. Such pods are comparatively less harmful and provide relief from nicotine withdrawal.

Preventing addiction is easy if you actively monitor the use. Be responsible and stay within the safe usage limit.

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