What Makes Macau a Sports Enthusiasts Gambling Paradise?

What Makes Macau a Sports Enthusiasts Gambling Paradise?


What Makes Macau a Sports Enthusiasts Gambling Paradise?


Gambling, for a fan of the NFL, NBA, or MLB can be infiltrated with a lot of white noise and confusing jargon.  It’s even harder when you look to Google to provide you with the proper online locations to scratch the appropriate itch.

While we love our sports, we also love taking our eGaming to another level, which is why we’ve put together a little synopsis of an incredible gaming experience that we’ve just been through.

Loaded with scenic landscapes, beautiful streets and buildings, and home to over 30 mega brick and mortar casinos, these are just some of the astounding things from Macau. This city is generally considered as the “Las Vegas of the East”, but has it surpassed what the world’s most renowned Vegas offers? Well, it takes us a while back when the Portuguese handed it to China in 1999. Before then, gambling was forbidden almost in every part in China, and the people had to gamble illegally. 

However, Macau traces its roots to the 19th century when the Portuguese colonists were part of it. And when it was allowed in China, it had to keep some of the rules and regulations that were already set temporarily. It was a rescuer to gamblers, who had been hiding while gambling before new rules came in. Millions of gamblers from across the world have been visiting Macau, thanks to its beauty and fame. But what really makes this city referred to as a gambling paradise? Here are the reasons why.


  • Special Administrative Region


Unlike many other gambling cities in the world, Macau is a special administrative region. This means they have separate rules, judicial, legal, and administrative systems from the rest of the country. However, strict rules are applied to any online casino, for example, VulkaVegas online casino is not available in the UK and Australia due to subtleties of licensing.


  • Home away from Home


Macau is home to over 100 hotels with approximately 37,634 hotel rooms and over 40 motels and hostels with 1,513 rooms. This might not be as many as of Las Vegas, but it is enough for anyone who wants to stay the night here These facilities provide top class services in the form of fitness clubs, bars, spas, and classy hotel restaurants.

Any player is certain to find an accommodation facility that will meet their kind of fancy. What is even a great advantage for most of these hotels is how close they are to the vicinity of a sightseeing area, travel destinations, casinos, and many more. Additionally, they are enormous and have a nice structural design. For instance, the Grand Lisboa is a famous hotel in Macau with its ultra-modern lotus-flower shaped design. 

Jan 30, 2020; Miami, Florida, USA; A general view of the Colony hotel on Ocean drive in South Beach Miami prior to Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports


  • Tourist Attractions


Macau has many tourist sites on its sleeves. Many of the tourists come to the city to gamble but they cannot miss several sightseeing areas no matter which casino or hotel they are in. It offers a mixture of both Chinese and Portuguese heritage. Tourists can visit the streets and get a taste of China from the ancient Chinese structures like temples. The ruins and buildings will remind you of Portuguese politics, military, and religious activities. The perfect blend is that of traditional Chinese temples and Portuguese cathedrals as well as Portuguese cafes and Chinese restaurants. So you will have an equivalent taste of these cultures. 


  • Numerous Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, and Shopping Centres


Macau also holds a wide range of restaurants, shopping centres, and clubs. In short, it has something for everyone. If you are a party enthusiast or a shopaholic, you will find a great number of locations offering these services. 

This place is also considered as a shopper’s paradise thanks to its free port status. It is popular with Chinese antiques, jewellery, brand clothes, pottery, porcelain, wine, as well as watches, and cameras. Besides, you can buy a culture souvenir for your loved ones when you visit.


  • Gaudy and Classy Casinos


The casinos are the biggest attraction of Macau, and that is what makes this city called a paradise. It boasts 38 casinos as of 2016 with the biggest one being The Venetian Macao. Ten of these land-based casinos are located on Taipa island while the rest 23 casinos are on Macau Peninsula. 

The common managers of these casinos are Galaxy Entertainment, SJM Holdings, and Las Vegas Sands. What is so special about these gambling destinations is how enormous and flashy they are. Besides, Macau holds one of the largest casino complex in the world, the Venetian. It is certainly a charm, with its ancient European style and bright colours, which you can view from the furthest parts of the city. 

Other sophisticated and elegant casinos include the Wynn Palace, Grand Lisboa, Galaxy Macau, and the City of Dreams. Most of the casinos here are opened 24 hours a day with only a few opening a couple of hours at night. Moreover, these casinos are home to hundreds of games including slot machines and table games. 


  • Cuisine


Macau features far-fetched restaurants with some of the world’s renowned top chefs. You cannot afford to leave the city without having a taste of one of the most delicious cuisines like the egg tart or the Pastel de Nata, an appetizing Portuguese pastry. 

Final Thoughts

Macau truly offers a unique gambling experience you cannot find anywhere else, and all credit goes to the perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese traditions. It is certainly a Gambling Paradise considering it offers some of the very best casinos around the globe, an enthralling nightlife, tourist destinations, and more.

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