Malcolm Jenkins blasts Drew Brees over 'flag' comments

Malcolm Jenkins blasts Drew Brees over 'flag' comments


Malcolm Jenkins blasts Drew Brees over 'flag' comments


It wasn’t long after Drew Brees took a stand for what he believed in until one of his teammates blasted him for doing so.

People around the world have been speaking their opinion about the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last week, and that’s what the Saints quarterback elected to do. Brees used his platform to share his thoughts on the issue, and he gave a strong take, disagreeing with anyone who engages in “disrespecting the flag.”

Well, that didn’t go over well with Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins, who played with Brees in the past, and has now rejoined the team. Jenkins put Brees on blast, telling him to “sh– the f–k up.”

“To stay silent when your peers are screaming from the mountain top that we need help, our communities are under siege and we need help and what you’re telling us is: ‘Don’t ask for help that way, ask for a different way. I can’t listen to it when you ask that way,’ ” an emotional Jenkins said, as transcribed by the New York Post. “We are done asking and people who share your sentiments and express those and push them throughout the world and the airwaves are the problem.”

He continued:

“I looked up to you, you’re somebody who I had a great deal of respect for,” Jenkins said. “But sometimes you should shut the f–k up.”

These comments are probably not going to go over well in the Saints locker room, given that Brees is the team’s unquestioned leader.

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