The Premier method of keeping fit during Covid-19 in Hamilton

The Premier method of keeping fit during Covid-19 in Hamilton

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The Premier method of keeping fit during Covid-19 in Hamilton


By John Cardillo

Maintaining good health and fitness is not usually very difficult, especially if you already have made it a part of your lifestyle. But now during this pandemic, our regular routine has been altered, especially going to your gym. It may have felt like a vacation for the first couple of weeks, but it soon became different. Now we need our lives back and for some of us that also includes getting back to a daily exercise routine.

Going to the gym and using premier, high tech Fitness Equipment is the best way to maintain lean muscle mass and push yourself to great workouts. However, gyms will probably be one of the last businesses that will be allowed to open and return to normal. Until then many of us have to figure out other methods of keeping fit during COVID-19.

You’re still in time

Regardless of how much time you have spent on the couch, it’s never too late to get started on a fitness program. If you regularly exercised before COVID-19, your body does not forget your gains or the fitness level you were at. Getting started on a simple at home exercise program will help you start the process to get back in shape. This will be useful when things get back to normal including going back to the gym. You in will already have a better level of fitness then if you had stayed on the couch. The following recommendations will also help you cope with this Covid-19 situation, deal with stress, and just get your body moving again, which in itself will be positive for your mental outlook.

Recommendations to stay fit during COVID-19

Even if you’re stuck at your home in Hamilton, there are tons of things you can do to stay fit:


Avoid sitting for too long:

Many of us are currently working from home, and sometimes that means too many hours in front of a screen. Others spend more time in front of the TV. But instead of sitting for hours, take short breaks every 45 minutes to go for a walk around the block or maybe do a number of sit-ups. Try to increase the total number of sit-ups each day, to make it more challenging.

Try calisthenics:

This is a great time to try bodyweight exercises. Callisthenics can be challenging in advanced levels, but the progression principles can help you work your way up to as an absolute beginner. For the time being, calisthenics could be your premier method of staying shape.

Climb the stairs:

You can find many ways to increase your calorie expenditure in your day-to-day tasks. If you live in an apartment building instead of using the elevator, the stairs will be a terrific alternative to include in your daily fitness routine.

Count your calories:

You probably have more time now, and you can use it it to make better choices of the food you eat. Take some time to weigh your food and figure out how many calories you’re eating. This will give you an insight that might be useful now and when things get back to normal. You also have more time now to make more of a conscious effort as to your total daily food consumption that you’re eating. Use this time wisely to eat a more nutritious diet.

Learn new healthy recipes:

Cooking is another way to seize your time and build healthy habits. Practice with new recipes and make them your own. Discovering new tastes and becoming skilled in the kitchen is going to help you achieve your fitness goals. Also making you healthier.

Take some time to de-stress:

Stress increases your cortisol levels, makes you gain weight, and compromises your fitness goals. In these trying times, there are many sources of stress. Take time for yourself, meditating, practising yoga, getting a massage to make you feel better and stay fit, regardless of Covid-19.

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