WWE NXT Results (6/10): Next Challenger For Cole Revealed? Shocking Heel Turn, And More

WWE NXT Results (6/10): Next Challenger For Cole Revealed? Shocking Heel Turn, And More

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WWE NXT Results (6/10): Next Challenger For Cole Revealed? Shocking Heel Turn, And More


This episode of NXT was the fallout show from NXT Takeover: In Your House. It took place at the Performance Center with PC trainees in attendance. On the show, Adam Cole took on Dexter Lumis in a non title match plus Finn Balor looked to avenge his loss against Cameron Grimes.

The Undisputed Era came to the ring. Adam Cole bragged about his win over Velvetten Dream at Takeover. Cole claimed himself the most dominate champion in NXT history. Roderick and Bobby Fish complained about Dexter Lumis locking them in a trunk at Takeover. They get paranoid as they thought they spot Dexter in the audience. Cole claimed he will take out Dexter in their match later on.

Keith Lee confronted Cole and The Undisputed Era backstage. He tells Cole he knows what’s next for him. Cole tells him not to think about it.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae Defeated Keith Lee and Mia Yim

McKenzie interviewed Cameron Grimes. She asked how confident is he in his match with Balor. Cameron said beating Balor once was so nice he is going to do it twice. Damien Priest confronted Grimes. Grimes tried to suck up to Priest, telling him how good he did in his match at Takeover. Priest attacked Grimes with a forearm to the face.

Indus Sher Defeated Mikey Delbrey and Mike Reed

A referee tells Regal on a video call that he believes Grimes has a broken jaw from Priest’s attack. Regal wanted to talk to him.

The referee tells Cameron Grimes that Regal is on the video call to want to talk to him. Grimes was busy talking to two women backstage. Regal tells him that he knows Grimes was faking it and will still face Balor.

McKenzie interviewed Rhea Ripley. She said she left everything she had at Takeover. Robert Stone confronted her offering his services. Rhea said his chances of managing her are one in a million. Stone claimed there was still a chance. Rhea took him further backstage and started beating him up, slamming him into a garbage.

Finn Balor Defeated Cameron Grimes

Dakota Kai Defeated Kacy Catanzaro

Kai attacked her after the match but then Kayden Carter came to the rescue. Raquel Gonzalez and Kai beat her down as well.

El Hijo De Fantasma came out to the ring to speak about his Cruiserweight title win last week. Drake Maverick interrupted, giving him props. He thanks him for an amazing match. He said that he is a full contracted member of NXT and wants another shot at the title. The masked henchmen made their way to the ring. Fantasma and Maverick stood their ground but then Fantasma attacked Maverick along with the henchmen. The henchmen revealed themselves to be Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Fantasma unmasked himself and revealed to be “Santos Escobar.”

The Undisputed Era prepare for Cole’s match with Loomis. Roderick Strong sees Loomis peeking through the door at him and gets spooked out.

Adam Cole Defeated Dexter Lumis

Lumis attacked Cole with his submission hold after the match. Strong and Fish attacked Dexter but then Velveteen Dream came out to help him. They chase Fish and Strong off with Cole still in the ring. Cole raised his title high in the air until the lights went out. Scarlett Bordeaux came out with an hour glass to show to Adam Cole. The show ends with Cole staring at the hour glass.

Opinion: This was a really good follow up to NXT Takeover: In Your House. It was an even flow show in terms of segments and the booking of each match.

I thought they were actually going to have Lumis feud for the NXT title with Cole until Scarlett came out at the end. I don’t know how I feel about Karrion getting a shot at the title this early in the game. it might be a little early but I’m interested to see where it goes. I feel Lumis is doing great work and it looks like him and Dream will team up to feud with Strong and Fish which is all good with me.

Fantasma turning on Maverick was unexpected but I’m not mad about it. It’ll be another chase for Drake to rival with Escobar for the title.

The mixed tag match I feel was match of the night. The in ring chemistry between all four of them were phenomenal. However, I don’t see why the feud with Lee and Gargano should continue which I think was the point of Gargano going over in the way he did.




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