Changing The Sports Gambling Industry with Betcris Sponsorships

Changing The Sports Gambling Industry with Betcris Sponsorships


Changing The Sports Gambling Industry with Betcris Sponsorships


Betcris and the Sports Gambling Industry

Sports gambling has been a common pastime for millions worldwide in the last 50 years. However, many individuals choose to partake in unofficial gambling rings, which are illegal in some states and in many cases cause gamblers to have their rightful funds shorted. Therefore, official sports gambling groups have begun to form, with Betcris being one of the most prominent professional gambling organizations currently in the market.

With multiple professional sponsorships around the world, Betcris provides sports gambling services for a variety of athletic teams and guarantees bettors will always receive their earnings from wagers placed on athletic matches in a timely fashion after the completion of any given match.

Who Does Betcris’ Sponsor?

Sep 10, 2019; San Antonio, TX, USA; Fans watch Mexico play against Argentina in the second half of an international friendly game at the Alamadome. Mandatory Credit: Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Betcris, as a professional sports betting platform, sponsors a variety of matches and events and promotes safe and secure gambling on many sporting events worldwide. Below, we outline several of the professional partnerships Betcris has in the sporting industry.

The Canadian Elite Basketball Team

As a growing and developing gambling services provider, Betcris has partnered with the Canadian Elite Basketball League to provide professional gambling services for any Elite Team events.

Venezuela Aid Event 2019

While offering gambling services for sporting events, Betcris also partnered in the aid even held in 2019 as one of the early donors to the humanitarian campaign. Furthermore, they utilized their platform for gambling services to provide proactive donation options for those who were interested in providing funds for assistance for those in need in Venezuela.

Brand Ambassador, Soccer Professional Ronaldinho

Recently, award-winning soccer star Ronaldinho signed on as a brand ambassador with Betcris. On two occasions, Ronaldinho received the FIFA World Cup Player of the Yea. This partnership will help Betcris grow as a professional gambling organization, and the representation provided by what is considered to be one of the top professional athletes worldwide brings Betcris to the spotlight in the professional gambling world.

Mexico National Soccer Team

Sep 10, 2019; San Antonio, TX, USA; Mexico Raul Jimenez (9) controls the ball as Mexico Hector Herrera (16) defends at Alamadome. Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The partnership between Betcris and the Mexico National Soccer Team is a strong one, with contracts put in place for the up to four years and an expected renewal period. That being said, Betcris provides professional betting and gambling services for the team and continues to develop these services as they collaborate with the organization in the future.

What Improvements Will We See From Betcris In the Future?

Betcris, while still a relatively small service, is working now more than ever on developing its easy-betting platform to allow increased accessibility and ease of interaction to individuals who would like to partake in their gambling services worldwide. Throughout the year of 2020, Betcris intends to gather user data on experience and ease of use, as well as suggestions of features and other platform improvements.

Ultimately, the company aims to become one of the most efficient and accessible professional gambling services worldwide, providing services for many major sporting events.

Providing Easy and Secure Gambling Services for Sponsored Partners

Betcris’s goal, as a company, is to continue to develop and grow their platform to be accessible to those who are interested in partaking in professional sports gambling. They aim to offer secure services, knowing that should you win your bets, your money is secure and accounted for with real-time sports updates directly integrated into their platform. The company provides a piece of mind, representing various professional sporting organizations for gambling services.

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