Ravens Coaches Return as NFL Issues Rules for Players’ Comeback to Team Facilities

Ravens Coaches Return as NFL Issues Rules for Players’ Comeback to Team Facilities


Ravens Coaches Return as NFL Issues Rules for Players’ Comeback to Team Facilities


Ravens was one of the most exciting NFL teams to watch in 2019, and the good news is that their coaching staff is expected to return to its facility on Monday.

This is not something we didn’t expect since last Friday; most NFL coaches were allowed to return to the team facilities that closed around March following the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the world.

So far, this deadly virus has affected more than 7 million people in about 213 countries, and a death toll of 400k that keeps rising every day as long as our able medical researchers and scientists are yet to find a reliable vaccine. The worst-hit country with high coronavirus numbers is the USA, with 2 million cases and over 112k deaths. Other severely affected nations are Brazil, Russia, Spain, the UK, and more.

Despite the rising cases of this deadly virus, the NFL decided it was time for the teams to return to facilities. Previously, only 75 people per day could access the same facilities, and a statement last Thursday from NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, stated that it allowed coaching staff from 32 teams to work from team complexes starting on Friday.

Jan 11, 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh reacts during the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans in a AFC Divisional Round playoff football game at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

However, according to Raven’s official website, their coaches will be returning to their Under-Amour Performance Center on Monday, followed by a 2-week period of intermittent meetings. Just like the other teams in the league, some of the Ravens players who are not rehabbing injuries are not expected to return unless the league approves it.

What’s noticeable with Ravens’ coaching staff return is because of John Harbaugh, who is the NFL Coach of the Year. Harbaugh further heads a group that includes Greg Roman, the Assistant Coach of the Year – an award he won through his masterclass leadership of the Ravens’ explosive offense.

Ravens were upset at home in the AFC Divisional Round. This came after leading the NFL in rushing yards per game by an unexpected margin and sprinted to a 14-2 mark. And we can’t wait for another run at glory for the team as it seeks to get a permit to fight and compete again in 2020.

We saw many teams and their coaches being welcomed back to their teams’ facilities during the first day of return on Friday last week. Ravens are expected to return this Monday as they wait to see whether they will be more news from NFL on completing the abandoned 2020 games.

Jan 25, 2020; Kissimmee, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Rams and St. Louis Rams offensive tackle Jackie Slater (left) shake hands with Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh during AFC Practice at ESPN Wide World of Sports. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On the same Monday, there is the re-opening of the TCO Performance Center in Minnesota, even with the continuing Black Lives Matter protests happening after the death of George Floyd on the hands of Minneapolis police officers. According to a team press release, the office is expected to allow at least 60 front office employees of the Viking staff as they access the facility to complete their job duties effectively.

The return of NFL coaches comes with strict guidelines where both staff and players are expected to work remotely as they wait to see when the return of additional staff will be allowed to their respective performance centers.

Furthermore, just like there is the NFL coach’s return to team facilities, the players’ return is happening with issued guidelines for protocols to observe, according to a Monday memo issued by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

NFL Issues Rules for Players’ Comeback to Team Facilities

On Monday, a memo was released by Goodell with set protocols to clubs, as reported by NFL’s Network Tom Pelissero.

These protocols to player’s return to club facilities are divided into access, physical distancing, food service, facility and equipment cleaning and disinfectant, personal protective equipment and hygiene, and lastly, the adherence of protocols and further educational measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among NFL coaches, players, and other staffs.

Pelissero added that the NFL and NFLPA are still discussing the possibility of certain players like veterans and rookies who moved to new teams and need physicals. He noted that no dates were set, and minicamps are not expected as they wait for the return to club amenities before June 26 – on a limited basis.

Each team is supposed to submit a copy of their infection’s disease plan, and ensure that they have followed or met the set guidelines to ensure the safety of players returning to their facilities.

Some of the issued protocols for players return are the following:

First, all players and even the staff are to wear facial masks at all times while in the facility, and the only time the masks cannot be worn is when it might interfere with the performance of athletic activities. Surgical masks must be replaced daily while cloth masks are at least rotated every three days. Every team is responsible for the provision of both surgical and cloth masks to players.

Areas used by players and staff must be placed under strict restrictions from the respective teams. These are locker rooms, weight rooms, meal and meeting rooms, practice and stadium playing fields, and the rest.

Clubs will need to break personnel in three different groups, and each tier will have access to certain areas within the facility.

Teams must practice social distancing by allowing their players and staff to maintain six feet of distance from another at the facility.

Strength and conditional exercises should not allow more than 15 players at a time, and this is the work of athletic training staff to set player appointments to meet this guideline.

Equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, and others must be disinfected after each game or practice. Also, every individual entering the facility must disinfect their personal belongs, and no sharing of personal items among them.

Team meetings should be done virtually, and for in-person meetings, they must be held outdoors with proper social distancing.

Lastly, the memo by Commissioner Roger Goodell concluded that the NFL would provide necessary information and protocols for testing as well as the treatment to use if there are players who might show symptoms or test positive for the COVID-19. Team travels and other relevant upcoming issues will be addressed at a later date, according to the NFL.

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