Florida's latest coronavirus statistics impact sports world as a whole

Florida's latest coronavirus statistics impact sports world as a whole


Florida's latest coronavirus statistics impact sports world as a whole


In looking at what’s going on in the NBA world, it would be very surprising if NBA Commissioner Adam Silver even managed to sleep last night. Florida has all of a sudden seen a significant surge in coronavirus statistics, and according to many medical experts, it will get significantly worse before it gets better.

Currently, there are 93, 797 cases in Florida, with 3147 deaths. However, the number of new cases are astounding. There have been 4049 new cases and 40 new deaths. This is supposed to be the state where the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer are supposed to start up next month. Yikes!

Yes, the state might have been overconfident in opening up too soon. Back in March, Florida was seen as the epicenter of the United States when it came to people not taking coronavirus seriously. Thousands of people were packed on Florida beaches. Questions were raised when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declared WWE wrestlers essential workers, and when he said that “kids not dying” from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Orlando Spectrum News.

Now when the cases are rising among younger people in Florida, DeSantis is still not pressing the panic button. He believes the new cases are among the young, healthy people in the state according to clickorlando.com. So what would DeSantis say to the 40 families who lost loved ones in the state over the last 24 hours to the pandemic?

The bottom line is coronavirus is hitting Florida, and hitting Florida hard. It is no longer a Miami problem, but a Florida problem. Just yesterday alone, the Tampa Bay Lightning needed to shutdown its training facility because three players and staff members tested positive. In Major League Baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies closed their training facility in Clearwater after five positive tests among players and three positive tests among staff members. There was also a player showing coronavirus symptoms at the Toronto Blue Jays’ training center in Dunedin. As a result, Major League Baseball has closed all training facilities for coronavirus cleaning.

With the recent coronavirus cases in Florida, the NBA and the MLS need to find a sincere backup plan. Walt Disney World is a magnificent place, but may not be the safest option for professional athletes to be.


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