The Weekend Bulletin

The Weekend Bulletin


The Weekend Bulletin



A quick snapshot at the weekend that was.


Biggest Upset: Justin Jaynes +230 over Frank Camacho


Notable New Champions:

  • Fight To Win Black Belt Light Heavyweight Champion: Lucas Barbosa
  • Fight To Win Women’s Black Belt Bantamweight Champion: Nathalie Ribeiro


A Few Storylines Going Forward:

  1. Bad Corners Crystalized: When your fighter tells you he doesn’t have it, you fucking pull him. Just an unbelievable amount of neglect, arrogance, and greed on Robert Drysdale’s part. We talk about bad corners, and this might be the most clear example of that. Fighters seldome even admit that they’re done and it’s up to their corner to read them and read the situation, like in the recent case of Anthony Smith, so if a fighter can always work up the courage to say he’s had enough, like in the case of Max Rohskopf, you get him the fuck out of there to fight another day. He’s already trying to rationalize it.
  2. Heavyweight Logjam: Curtis Blaydes did exactly what he said he was going to do, controlling Alexander Volkov from pillar to post, winning a bout he was a heavy favorite to win. Which takes us to where we stand in the heavyweight division, a logjam. Luckily we’re finally on the road to Cormier vs. Stipe, then Francis Ngannou is on deck, with Blaydes in the hole.
  3. Grapplers Paradise: Sure, Curtis Blaydes treated Alexander Volkov like a firefighter training dummy and Emanuel Navarrete fought a can’s can, but grappling ruled the roost this weekend. Craig Jones retained his Submission Underground title, Hulk Barbosa defeated Rafael Lovato for Fight To Win gold, Victor Hugo won a one-night, eight-man tournament at Third Coast’s Grappling’s KUMITE event, and maybe most importantly, thanks to Amanda Loewen, Jessica Eye lost in combat sports twice in two weeks.

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